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Technologies and Equality in Modern US Society


The Industrial Revolution introduced the first machinery in the US. Since that time, lives of many people have constantly been altered by the development and growth of technologies. In this essay, I will examine the impact of the Industrial Revolution on American society and discuss the issue of equality in the modern US.

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What Impact did the Industrial Revolution Have in Society?

The main purpose of the Industrial Revolution was to substitute manual labor with mechanical power. The introduction of machines and factories in the US resulted in economic growth and the consequent increase in the quality of life. Moreover, enhanced productivity led to mass production, letting people to buy goods for smaller prices (Makridakis, 2017). The revolution also allowed electricity to be used at homes, which means that people saw dramatic changes in their standards of living (Makridakis, 2017). At the same time, the initial decades of the revolution were marked by such problems as child labor, unemployment, and the increase in inequality.

Do you Think the Advantages of Technology are Worth the Disadvantages? Why or Why Not?

Despite various issues associated with the development of technology, I believe that its benefits by far outweigh its disadvantages. First of all, innovations advance the society, allowing for a better use of available resources. Furthermore, technology promotion results in the creation of new opportunities for both people and businesses, as well as the development of medicine (Van de Ven et al., 2017). Additionally, the results of the Digital Revolution demonstrate that advanced technologies play a role in decreasing working hours and creating more comfortable job environments (Makridakis, 2017). Finally, technological development allows people to do things that had not been possible before, like communicating with almost anyone in the world without leaving one’s apartment.

Does Free Public Education Contribute to the Development of the U.S. Democracy?

Personally, I consider free public education an important prerequisite for democracy. In the modern world, the ability to attain knowledge and skills is closely connected with individuals’ employment opportunities and income level. Moreover, being a significant predictor of health and life expectancy, education has a noteworthy impact on the quality of life (Montez & Hayward, 2014). High costs of attending a good school or university in the modern US create a gap between wealthy and poor citizens, putting economically challenged groups in a disadvantaged position and creating the vicious circle of poverty. Free education can render society more democratic by providing all people with equal opportunities.

What Does Equality Mean to You?

People often differ in their understanding of fairness. For instance, some define equality as equal distribution of resources, whereas others believe in postulates that fair division lies in prioritizing disadvantaged members (Fleurbaey, 2015). In my opinion, societal equality means that every person has the same opportunities to succeed as others. Individuals differ in such characteristics as their abilities, motivation to learn and work, and persistence, which is why I think it would be unfair to divide resources, like money, equally or based solely on needs. Instead, I believe in providing people with same initial chances to succeed and allowing them to decide how to use their opportunities.

Do You Believe Everyone has a Right to a Job?

The opportunity to work is commonly regarded as a basic human right. In today’s economically driven world, finding and sustaining employment are crucial for survival. Without a job, most people would not have a source of income, which means that they would not be able to support themselves and their families. Thus, every person should have a right to a job. However, the right to employment should not be limited to the mere opportunity of finding work; individuals should also be able to earn a competitive wage for their labor (Tomczak & Rofuth, 2015). Only the combination of fair renumeration with wholesome working conditions can satisfy the basic needs of modern citizens.


The Industrial Revolution profoundly affected American society. While new technologies provide people with important opportunities, they can lead to inequality and unemployment. In order to further promote democracy, the US government should consider the possibility of free education, as well as guarantee its citizens the true right to employment.

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