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Teen Pregnancy. The Evolution of Family Policy

Teen pregnancy is a devastating issue which probably exists on all levels, and it would be wiser to focus on the local one, but conversations with people from other countries reveal more unfortunate circumstances. Thus, while the focus will be on offering a universal solution, the specifics of other countries will be briefly addressed. However, it is difficult to present an easy path for such a complex problem.

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Teen pregnancy affects all sides involved, but the biggest victim is, arguably, the girl who will give birth or refuse to do it. In addition to the trauma caused by losing a child or carrying one for months and the consequent complications, she will also be subject to stigma, which may vary from her family to school and peer circles. Teenage girls have a massive burden on their shoulders due to the issue, so the solution should spare them those sufferings.

As mentioned, teen pregnancy is a complex problem with many potential causes, but the one this paper will attempt to address is ignorance. While violent premises for pregnancies, such as a sexual assault, are not rare, they could also result from insufficient knowledge, empathy, or support. The counterargument would be that sex education classes exist, but something should not merely be; it should yield results. While their importance in enlightening students on the issue should not be undermined, the persistence of teen pregnancy indicates that they are not enough.

The proposed solution is for families to take the matter into their hands, as they a vested interest in preventing teen pregnancy. They should do the Talk and explain the consequences of unprotected sex in an approachable way before the teenager uses other sources, which are likely to be unreliable. One may argue that educated specialists are better than parents who will probably receive the necessary information from the Internet. However, that notion ignores many essential factors that make family education on the issue viable. First of all, not all regions in the country, let alone the world, have sex education classes at schools. On the other hand, those that do are not guaranteed to be adequate, starting with the teacher’s choice. Then, the solution implies that family enlightenment will be a coordinated effort, so dedicated websites and books will help deliver the message appropriately. Lastly, if families are the first and primary source of such information, it will probably make a teen more trustful towards their relatives. Thus, a family has more advantages than other institutions and a vested interest as far as teen pregnancy is concerned.

The family’s work does not stop with preventive educational functions. If a child’s actions still lead to teen pregnancy, it should not feel like the end of the world for them. The families of both parties, if possible, should ensure support for their children and engage in the decision-making process. Some may want to scold the teens for not heeding the word of advice, but the deed is done. What is essential is to support any decision their child will make and not abandon them during the most stressful moment.

In conclusion, the proposed solution for teen pregnancy is for families to educate their children on the matter instead of relying on other institutions, such as education and media. The latter’s impact has not been discussed, but families should help children interpret the message any depiction of teen pregnancy relays. It has been established that a more robust family policy leads to progress in various fields, including teen pregnancy (Ooms 7). While the government’s involvement is inevitable, it is also essential for families to realize their role in preventing and alleviating the issue independently.

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