The Adventures of an IT Leader

Argue both sides of the Huerta/Calder debate. To which side would you lean?

In essence, both the Huerta and Calder sides present invaluable arguments on the most viable system. However, I support the Calder side since their arguments are more reasonable and realistic. For instance, the Calder system has been at work for a longer period and effectively when compared to Huerta’s systems which do not work that well.

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Discuss how a manager should deal with uncertainty

According to Cleden (2009), some of the major uncertainties in IT include (but are not limited to) deficiencies in contextual information about a particular knowledge area, our general understanding of some IT systems and processes, or the rate of the changes in the highly dynamic world of IT. Some of the methods in which IT managers can deal with uncertainty include the following:

Firstly, Cleden states that in the world of information and technology, companies are only as good as their workers. For this reason, managers should strive to employ professionals that can deal with the many intricacies of IT. Secondly, time and money are crucial elements in any given IT project. Consequently, to avoid or manage uncertainties, managers should design ways in which these two elements are channeled appropriately (Cleden, 2009). Thirdly and finally, Cleden (2009) says that the ability to anticipate and plan for ways to manage risks and challenges will help in mitigating uncertainties.

What gains should IVK expect out of a project like this?

Over time, many software improvements such as graphical user interface have been made on ERP systems. If the replacement is done, IVK will, therefore, be able to enjoy these improvements. With the replacement, the company will also get good ad-hoc reporting tools as well as easy customizations by the users. These will greatly help in facilitating efficiency and saving useful resources such as time and money (Austin, Nolan, & O’Donnell, 2009). Finally, most legacy systems can only be maintained by old I.T experts and engineers who may not be easily available today. The replacement with the ERP system will thus ensure that the maintenance can be easy.

What process should a company use to prioritize IT potential projects?

Prioritizing potential IT projects is a highly involving endeavor that calls for several crucial issues to be considered. During this process, some of the key considerations include: the nature of business weighed against the IT services being offered, planning of the management following the organization’s goals, aims, and objectives, and the urgency of a project, among others (Phillips & Gully, 2011).

What is the board of director’s responsibility concerning IT?

For IT, a director is chiefly responsible for ensuring that organizational goals are achieved. In doing so, the issue of periodic assessments and internal audits of the company comes in handy. This is based on the fact that these periodic audits help in showing the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, based on the audit’s findings, the director can advise the company on the relevant measures to be taken to improve efficiency (Pilbeam& Corbridge, 2006).

If you were asked to advise the CIO and CEO concerning this situation, what information could you provide them for this incident?

To begin with, it would be advisable for the CIO and CEO to design ways in which the business and technology leaders of the company can interdependently work together. This way, the smooth running of the company will be facilitated. Moreover, the CIO and CEO should bridge the gap between the top and lower levels of the company. By doing this, the friction that is common between the powerful and not-so-powerful members of the company will be reduced since they will treat each other as equals.

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What laws may apply to this situation? What possible penalties may there be?

In essence, many laws can be applied to this situation. However, the most common law that applies here is that of the Tort of Negligence. Negligence refers to the failure to act diligently or the omission of responsible behavior when it is your primary duty to do so (Pilbeaam & Corbridge, 2006). Larson (2003) states the following three points as the weighing scale for negligence. There must prove unreasonable behavior of the defendant., there must be evidence by the plaintiff to show that he/she has damage and, lastly, there should be proof to show that someone failed to act responsibly. If found guilty, the management or individual charged with negligence is liable to penalties like fines and jail sentences.

If you were Wells and Hansen (the two people fired by the CEO), what possible actions could they take?

According to Phillips and Gully (2011), the process of strategically ensuring that staffing is done appropriately—through hiring and firing—calls for a unified system whereby these two key aspects are managed appropriately. In doing so, the management should only delegate duties and meddle in technical issues. Wells and Hansen could therefore seek redress in court for wrongful termination.


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