The All Geeks Company’s Internet Marketing

Analysis of The All Geeks’ Competitors

One of the most significant local competitors of The All Geeks is the Warehouse. The company can be considered one of the largest retailers in New Zealand; its products are presented under different brand names. This year, the company launched its sixth brand, TheMarket, an e-commerce marketplace that offers many types of products, including electronics, clothes, and sports items (TWG Limited, 2018). The primary strength of this competitor is that it aims at sustaining low prices due to the option of low-cost delivery. In addition, the organisation is committed to sustainability and providing back for the community (TWG Limited, 2018). The Warehouse has its own mobile shopping app, where customers can buy any products and order delivery.

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One of the most significant channels the organisation utilises to drive traffic to its website is Instagram. The company’s page has more than 35.000 followers and is updated at least once a day (Instagram, 2019). The Warehouse posts photos of its products and interacts with its customers, answering their questions and replying to their comments. In addition, the organisation shares information about its activities related to ecology and sustainability on its Instagram page. Notably, the Warehouse has a YouTube channel, too, where it displays videos on how its products can be utilised.

The second significant competitor of The All Geeks is NotSocks, which is New Zealand’s #1 ranked online gift store (Not Socks Ltd, 2019). The company aims at providing unique products for people of all ages; its products range from gadgets to baby toys. The organisation strives to provide its customers with an opportunity to find an extraordinary item for any occasion. NotSocks’ great variety of products can be considered one of its primary strengths. The company utilises two channels to drive traffic to its website. One of them is its Facebook page, where the organisation has more than 54.500 followers (Facebook, 2019). NotSocks updates its page regularly, posting pictures of the products it offers with links to its website. This way, the organisation ensures that customers can become interested in one of its items while scrolling down their feed and buy it instantly. The company also uses its Facebook page to communicate with its customers and answer their questions and concerns. In addition, NotSocks has an Instagram page; however, currently, this page is not as active as the Facebook one.

The analysis of The All Geeks’ competitors reveals that Facebook and Instagram are the two marketing channels the organisation can utilise to increase traffic on its website. The first website can be used to communicate with the audience and post links to the products the store has. It is beneficial for the company because many individuals of all ages have Facebook accounts and can click on links directly from their Facebook applications. The utilisation of Instagram can also be an effective approach to marketing because it allows customers to tag the store on their pictures, which can potentially drive more traffic to The All Geeks’ website.

Keywords and Content Ideas

The utilisation of appropriate keywords may be a powerful tool to motivating customers to visit the company’s café, a physical store, or a website. Taylor (2016) reports that some of the most powerful words an organisation may utilise include “free”, “limited”, “easy”, “best”, and “exclusive”. Thus, The All Geeks should post content on their website and other channels using some of these words. For instance, the company should note that the item is “easy-to-use” or is presented in a limited edition. These words can motivate individuals to purchase products and help the organisation to enhance its competitive advantages.

In addition, the following content ideas can be suggested to attract attention:

  • Using user-generated content. Such an approach may be highly effective as it can show its audience that the company pays attention to its customers and appreciates their support. The All Geeks can feature its followers’ pictures on Instagram or Facebook and post a link to the products presented in the images.
  • Share in real-time. This content idea is also significant because it can provide customers with a sense of belonging to the community. It can also serve as an additional channel for interacting with the audience. The All Geeks can post real-time videos and photos from its café and a physical store, discussing the items they can offer and possible discount prices.
  • Another content idea is adding the comments to each photo or video the organisation posts on its websites or other online channels. The company may discuss the advantages of the product, the ways individuals can use it, the materials it is made of, or any other features of the item. Such an approach can help customers to learn more about The All Geeks’ offers and see that the organisation selects its products thoroughly and puts much effort into offering the best options for its clients. As a result, individuals will be more loyal to the company and, potentially, visit its physical and online stores more often.


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