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The Aria “Ev’Ry Valley” by Handel

The aria “Ev’ry Valley” by Handel is an oratorio with both biblical and historical context, and it can be considered a classic of the modern-day. It fits in the theme of the Messiah because the piece glorifies the fact that no mountain or valley can be a barrier in his way. In general, there is an excitement and a sense of pride for the Lord, where it induces positive emotions towards the given individual. The word “exalted” is a melisma because the syllable “a” is sung through a wide range of different notes (London Symphony Orchestra, 2008). It can be considered as the most important word of the oratorio, which expresses the key statement of the unstoppable nature of the Messiah. In other words, it is an action term, which depicts how even the mightiest of barriers are unable to become hindrances for Jesus.

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In contrast, the words “crooked” and “rough” use some form of a wavering pattern, and it seems that the style of singing these elements is rooted in their direct meaning. However, when the results of these words, such as “plain” and “straight,” are sung, the melody is clear and precise (London Symphony Orchestra, 2008). Therefore, it is evident the overall signing approach is linked to their context, which means that they fit the text through their corresponding connotations. The religious theme of the aria actively uses word painting, where the given components carry dual objectives, such as melody and meaning. Thus, the religiousness of this form of the musical piece conveys the features of the Bible and religions itself. In different terms, the words of the aria have two functions, which are similar to the book itself, where one can understand it directly, and another sees deeper interpretation.


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