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The Art of Writing and Storytelling

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Composition writing is an integral part of learning the art of writing and storytelling in different aspects.

Also, apart from enabling students to move from one academic level to another, composition writing is important for students because it allows them to learn how to present ideas and real-life events in logical and well-organized short stories.

Therefore, students should be well prepared and be able to demonstrate the highest standards of the organization during composition writing.

This article reviews the essay, ‘The Test’ in the context of its significance to composition writing, and its role in showing the importance of being well prepared during composition writing.

The Theme of the Story/Essay

‘The Test’ is a short essay that is essentially an analysis of the composition, ‘An Unforgettable Event’ written by one student who attempts to present her real-life experience in academic composition.

In this essay, the author manages to present the reader with the essentials of composition writing at the college level.

Also, the author deviates from analyzing the student’s composition to telling the readers about the historical event, which happened in 1969 to a young girl who is coincidentally the owner of the composition being analyzed.

Conversely, the theme of the story/essay presented by the author of ‘The Test’ could be that the author intends to show the readers the significance of being well prepared before deciding on a topic to write about in a composition test.

Alternatively, the author intends to show the importance of making smart decisions in composition tests.

As a result, the author portrays the composition writer as a person who understands the basic outline of composition at the college level in that the composition should be organized into an introduction, thesis statement, developmental paragraphs, and the conclusive paragraphs.

However, the author is quick to note the student’s weakness in terms of using the correct sentence structure, sentence coordination, and thus the flow of paragraphs.

Here, the author depicts the student as a person who lacks the skills of coordinating sentences, subordinating sentences, and creating sentence variety in a composition write-up.

Therefore, this particular essay is important to college students because it presents them with the opportunity of identifying the commonly made mistakes in college-level composition tests.

Here, the author intends to show the students that apart from using the basic composition outline, one should learn to use a variety of skills in grammar to bring out a story/essay, which captures the attention of readers through the accurate, precise, grammatical, and logical flow of different ideas.

On the other hand, the essay shows the advantage of using real-life events to develop interesting stories in composition tests. Here, the author notes that when students use such real-life events in composition writing, they stand a chance of presenting interesting and logical pieces of art.

However, there is the need for students to be aware of misplaced sentences and ideas because they make the whole composition to look disorganized in addition to showing that the student lacks an in-depth understanding of different competencies in storytelling and composition writing.


This article reviews the essay, ‘The Test’ in the context of its significance in composition writing and the role that the student plays in terms of being well prepared and presenting different ideas in a logical manner during composition writing.

In this article, it is notable that the author intends to present readers with the essentials of composition writing in terms of choosing topics, organizing the work into a simple outline, constructing coherent sentences, and achieving the flow of paragraphs.

As a result, the essay is important to college students because it enables them to re-assess their preparedness and competencies in composition writing before embarking on presenting any form of essay or composition write-up.