The Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Values

Today, the USA is a single democratic country that provides numerous and equal opportunities for its citizens. Moreover, it is one of the most influential states in the world. However, it might never have happened if the Bill of Rights had not been created. For this reason, it was selected as the historical document for the description and discussion. The National Archives contain the original version of the paper so visitors can see it and get the idea about its appearance. It is written on the yellowed with age paper, so it might be sometimes difficult to read the original text. However, the unique historical importance of the document could hardly be overestimated.

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The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the USA that provided its citizens with freedoms and values critical for the state further rise. The document was created in difficult times. The young country needed the text that would serve as the fundamental law and regulate relations between branches of power and people living in the area. However, the creation of this pillar of the American nationhood was complicated by the existence of numerous perspectives on the way the state should evolve. It gave rise to vigorous debates about the Constitution and its basic articles. In such a way, the Bill of Rights appeared as an attempt to make a compromise between different parties (“The Bill of Rights,” n.d.). Being afraid of the significantly increased power of the central government and hypothetical abuse of power, delegates suggested the introduction of ten amendments guaranteeing specific freedoms to all citizens of the USA. Therefore, the Bill of Rights became one of the central documents in the history of the state as it cultivated the way of life valued nowadays.

Nevertheless, the importance of the document is recognized by all researchers, historians, and authors that delve into the formation of American nationhood and factors that preconditioned the appearance of the specific mentality. For instance, the textbook introduces the idea that the Bill of Rights opened the door for the further development of democracy in the state. At the same time, it played a significant role in the struggle against discrimination and racism in the USA. The document guarantees that all citizens of the USA have the same rights and lists the most important values like freedom and tolerance (“Bill of Rights,” n.d.). For this reason, being the part of the U.S. Constitution, it could be used to prove that everyone has the opportunity to use the same social institutions and enjoy the same privileges regardless of his/her race, culture, ethnicity, etc. In such a way, the importance and context of the Bill of Rights could be analyzed using this very perspective.

Finally, the document remains topical. For instance, the modern government faces numerous issues related to discrimination or biased treatment of particular groups of people. However, it is inadmissible in terms of the legal environment introduced by the Bill of Rights as it guarantees equal opportunities and attitudes to everyone. Additionally, regarding numerous security concerns, the problem of a threat to national security also becomes topical. In such a way, there is an idea to introduce stricter security measures that might violate the fundamental human rights, and amendments offered by the Bill of Rights. Thus, these actions are not also appropriate and could be disputed regarding the ten amendments to the Constitution mentioned above.


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