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The Concept of Longest’s Model of a Policy


While many healthcare policies currently exist in the USA, sometimes, they are not enough to reach the most beneficial outcomes for the public. In particular, the consumption of sugared beverages is an acute question since it leads to obesity and other dramatic health outcomes. In this view, initiating a new policy of taxing such drinks seems a viable solution to the rates of consumption of these unhealthy products.

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Using the Longest’s Policy Cycle Model to Develop Change

Longest’s model of a policy cycle incorporates three phases: formulation, implementation, and modification. During the first stage, measures focused on designing a policy are taken: the agenda is set, and the legislation is developed (O’Grady, 2016). At this point, I would establish the goals of the policy and inform legislators about my intentions. During the second phase, the rules are to be made (O’Grady, 2016). Here, I would make the proposal more specific by detailing the rules. During the last phase, I will collect and analyze feedback and make any changes is necessary.

Arguments to Make the Case and Pleas that Opponents Might Make

To make my proposal look solid, I would collect evidence-based materials on the harmful effects of sugared beverages on citizens. Additionally, I would design a survey and distribute it among adult individuals to gather their opinions regarding the accessibility of sugared drinks to children. Finally, I would accumulate scholarly research findings and statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to demonstrate the severity of the effect that sugared beverages produce on people’s health. I would mention that additional taxation might influence the producers’ attitude towards promoting and selling their goods. The other side might appeal to the fact that they already pay taxes on their products. Also, my opponents may resort to the fact that people are free to choose what to consume. However, I believe that I would be able to collect enough materials to persuade legislators.

Getting the Buy-In for the Policy and Predicting Stakeholders

To make legislators buy in my policy, I would use the following tactics. First of all, I would “tailor the pitch” (Ashford & Detert, 2015, para. 7). This means that I would get acquainted with the values of my audience and prepare the policy in a way that would promote them. The second approach would be framing the issue in the most concise yet clear way (Ashford & Detert, 2015). Next, I would predict the counterarguments of my opponents and wait for the most suitable moment to announce my policy proposal. Stakeholders to be involved in the process are citizens, legislators, and producers of sugared beverages. The first group would represent the side suffering from the accessibility of sugared beverages. The third party would be the opposing side and would express arguments against the policy. Legislators are expected to thoroughly analyze the proposal and support the project.


Developing a change in a healthcare policy is a complicated process, but it can be made easier with the help of Longest’s model. During the first two phases, I would prepare and implement the project. The third stage would be used to make the necessary changes. Using specific approaches, I would get legislators to buy in my policy. I expect this project to be successful and helpful for many citizens suffering from overconsumption of sugared beverages and other similar products.


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