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The Desert World Company’s Business Model


This proposal presents the Desert World as a proposed provider of unique desert life experiences. The Desert World project would offer state-of-the-art facilities for the hot weather of Dubai through developing a huge ski centre, which would be close to the Dubai Shopping Mall. The closeness of the project to one of the largest malls in the world would attract many shoppers, including foreign shoppers and tourists. The project will solve the problem of travelling outside the city to enjoy such facilities at Ski Dubai. Also, the available facility works only during winter. On the contrary, the proposed Desert World would operate throughout the year in all weather conditions.

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The Business Model Canvas

This part of the proposal presents critical areas of the business, which are responsible for its implementation, evaluation, and success.

Key Partner

For this project to be successful, the Desert World requires strategic partners to support it. A key partner in this project would be the Dubai Shopping Mall because the project would be an extension of the Mall. Therefore, the Dubai Shopping Mall will provide adequate land (the project shall need 1000 m2 square feet of land).

The project shall also need financiers such as banks, private financiers, and venture capitalists.

The project stakeholders require the support of the local community because of its enormous size.

The project developers must consult thoroughly with all these key partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries.

Key activities

The Desert World shall be the closest and largest ski centre in Dubai. Hence, it would offer several activities for potential clients. The centre will sell skiing products and provide training services to new clients. The UAE has a hot weather condition between April and November, which can go beyond 420 C with high humidity.

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  • The centre shall provide a 200-metre height of the sandhill, which will serve adults.
  • There would be a coffee shop, six tents for offering traditional Arabic meals, coffee, and tea.
  • Came riding would be a critical activity in the centre.
  • Drinking fresh milk from Aleppo camel
  • The ski centre would also have beauty parlour for women where women can learn sewing and henna drawing on hands and legs.
  • There shall also be a 20-metre height of sandhill for children to enjoy traditional games, such as the quest, sharaamara games and others.
  • Other activities will also include birthday celebrations, music, events, leisure activities, and venues for parties.
  • The would-be bookshops for traditional books, stories, and hand-made items.
  • Snowmobiling for kids and adults
  • Snow tubing

Revenue streams

The above activities and facilities would generate substantial revenues for business operations and profitability.

Key resource

The Desert World will require adequate financial resources, advertisement in traditional media and social media, land, adequate power supply to maintain the ski centre temperature, and experienced personnel to manage the area among other critical resources.

Value propositions

The Desert World would bring skiing to the city and save clients long-distance journeys and associated. The centre shall provide these services to all segments of the market.

Customer relationship

The ski centre shall focus on building long-term relationships with all segments of customers through excellent customer experience. It would strive to cater to the specific needs of different segments of the market. The company will keep a database for all customers, including their birthdays, to send them birthday wishes, reminders, and offer them available services. The centre will embrace modern customer relationship management (CRM) tools to ensure efficient customer services. Many services will be automated at the centre.

Customer segments

The Desert World would offer services for the following customer segments:

  • Children aged between two to ten years would enjoy sand activities and quest games
  • Teenagers (11 years to 17 years) who want to learn skiing, relax, or ski on their own
  • Adults aged between 18 years and 35 years
  • Old adults who are above 36 years and senior citizens

The ski centre shall review its customer segmentation regularly to serve its customers effectively. It would also consider economic and social statuses of all potential customers to develop products for the mass market.


The Desert World shall be located next to the Dubai Shopping Mall. It will expand later to other regions such as Abu Dhabi based prevailing, favourable market conditions. There are no available competitors in Dubai city.

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Cost structure

The Desert World must focus on the costs of constructing the project and recurring costs of operations once the project is complete and operational.

The land would require significant investments because of a large parcel required. Also, the project would require skiing facilities and a constant power supply to maintain the recommended temperatures for ski centres in hot weather.

The centre will have to control fixed costs associated with salaries, utilities, and rents. Also, it would ensure that variable costs are manageable to ensure profitability. The World Desert would account for all elements of its cost structures.

Skiing will be the major source of revenue for the centre
Figure 1: Skiing will be the major source of revenue for the centre
A model of the proposed project
Figure 2: A model of the proposed project

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