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The Documentary “Raising Amy’s Awareness”

Brief Summary of the Case

The documentary “Raising Amy’s Awareness” gives a detailed analysis of Amy’s misfortunes. The important message presented in this documentary is that Amy was in an abusive relationship. McGee monitored Amy’s movements. The analysis shows clearly that Amy was a victim of domestic violence. Several events took place before Amy’s death. For instance, she used to reschedule her duties in order to avoid McGee. Her parents also obtained a protection order (PO) from the police.

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Many people in Amy’s life could tell that she was being abused. It is agreeable that “Amy’s relatives, the police, her workmates ignored most of the signs” (Focus on Domestic Violence, 2015, para. 5). This malpractice eventually led to Amy’s death. The police could also have intervened earlier before Amy’s death (Focus on Domestic Violence, 2015).

My Role as a Family Preservation Worker

A caseworker assigned to this family should be able to identify the major challenges affecting different individuals. The reason I was sent to Amy’s home was to restore the psychological functioning of every person. It will be appropriate to play a significant role as a Family Preservation Worker (FPW). My duty will be to provide the required social assistance. The approach will improve the psychological functioning of the parents and their children (Morris, Hegarty, & Humpreys, 2012). I will also assist Amy to deal with every form of abuse. I will also encourage the individuals to embrace one another. I will also encourage different relatives to support this family. Such measures will eventually produce the best outcomes.

Detailed Observation of the Family

The documentary highlights the major issues facing this family. To begin with, McGee had become oppressive and abusive. Amy began to portray strange behaviors because of her experiences. She even began to fake her schedules in order to avoid McGee. The biggest concern observed in this family is the issue of domestic violence. Children who witness different forms of domestic violence become disoriented. Several strengths are also notable in this family.

For instance, Amy is aware of the problems affecting the family. McGee has always been oppressive. He has been monitoring his wife’s movements (Focus on Domestic Violence, 2015). Her parents are also aware of the situation. Amy’s workmates have also observed some strange behaviors. McGee is also aware of his malpractices. These strengths explain why a proper intervention strategy could have supported the needs of the family. The children in this family are hopeless and disoriented. They also understand the challenges encountered in the family.

Proper Plan for the Family

My plan will focus on the best social services in order to support the targeted individuals. To begin with, I will interact with Amy and McGee in order to understand the major issues affecting them. I will also monitor the behaviors of Vincent McGee. This approach will be critical towards identifying the psychological problems affecting McGee. The strategy will also ensure every individual gets the right psychological support (Stanley, Miller, Foster, & Thomson, 2010).

The second step is empowering Amy. This can be done by equipping her with new ideas and concepts. She will also focus on the best practices such as reporting of every form of domestic violence. She will also know “when to quit the relationship” (Crosson-Tower, 2012, p. 82). She will also report the matter to the relevant authorities (Focus on Domestic Violence, 2015). The other step should be aimed at supporting the affected children. My duty as a FPW is to ensure the family functions effectively. The preservation approach will encourage the targeted persons to deal with every problem.

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Ethical Interventions

An ethical approach is critical towards dealing with domestic violence. The first ethical issue is ensuring that the wellbeing of the family members is taken seriously. I will collect quality information from different family members. I will also protect the confidentiality of the collected information. I will listen carefully in order to understand the issues affecting different persons in the family. I will interpret the information correctly in order to offer the best support. Every family member will be advised accordingly in order to get the best outcomes. For instance, McGee will be advised to use the utilitarian theory (Stanley et al., 2010).

McGee will embrace the best practices in order to support every individual. Amy will also be advised to focus on the best outcomes. She can “quit the relationship and file for divorce if the abuse does not stop” (Crosson-Tower, 2012, p. 82). The important goal is to produce much happiness for every family member. The above interventions can be beneficial. For instance, the individuals will be encouraged to focus on the best practices. The affected persons can also get the relevant support from different psychologists.

How the Case Could Have Ended Differently with Proper Ethical Interventions

The use of appropriate ethical interventions could have produced better results. Such ethical interventions should have been applied when the police came for first time. The participants should have undertaken the relevant measures to protect Amy from abuse. The right legal actions should have been used in order to support Amy. A proper intervention plan is essential towards supporting the psychological functioning of every family member (Morris et al., 2012). Appropriate actions should have been undertaken after realizing that Amy was in an abusive relationship. Ethical theories can therefore be used to produce the best outcomes.

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