“The Dreamer” by Junot Diaz

The Dreamer is an essay written by Junot Diaz, a well-known Dominican writer, who immigrated to New Jersey. This piece of writing describes the story of a little girl who had a great dream that seemed to be impossible to live out. This girl was the author’s mother, who occurred to be able to deal with insuperable problems on her way to happiness. Junot Diaz evaluates her actions in childhood, but the real message of the piece is hidden between the lines.

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Only if one reads carefully and deeps into the author’s words, the value can be reviled. Even though the essay is concentrated on the Diaz’s mother, it also includes the hints of how she, her character and actions influenced the author and his work. This can be understood only in case the reader pays attention to the comments written by Diaz, as they include his experience of a troubled situation when he acted just like his mother to get through it.

The Dreamer is the story that can capture the attention of various people. Those, who prefer to read Diaz’s works, who want to get to know some historical facts and who are interested in the nature of the character and the ability to overcome difficulties. The last theme is the one that impressed the author and encouraged him to write about the courage and perseverance of the seven-years-old girl.

Understanding that his mother was able to perform such deeds being a child made Junot Diaz believe in himself and keep trying. He followed in the mother’s footsteps and forgot about the opportunity to give up. That is why the author wrote this essay. He wanted to encourage the readers, those who face troubles and lack self-esteem, to become determined and fearless.

The most important message of the essay for me is the fact that there are no circumstances a person cannot deal with. There is always a way out. One should not give up if something goes wrong. He author underlines that he kept trying and achieved success just like his mother, so others can do this also.

Diaz says that he wrote this essay to show “how, in his mind, he became a writer” (Kennedy et al. 132). Even though he is not a character of the writing and tells nothing about himself, this information can be perceived by association.

After reading the essay, I felt extremely proud of the girl and a bit frustrated because her main dream did not come true. However, as I read the author’s comments, I felt calm and satisfied. The woman was not able to become a nurse, but only thanks to her Junot Diaz became a writer. She was the one who gave him life and inspiration.

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Being a little innocent child, she found the strength to get down on “her knees beside a stagnant puddle of water, put her mouth in it and drank deeply” and to call the police, who “put her [mother] in handcuffs” to become free to do what she wanted (Kennedy et al. 129). Still, this dream was not supposed to make her happy. The woman also tried hard to master English, even though her attempts were not crowned with success. Seen this, Diaz learned how to be persistent and positive-minded.

The things that I want the reader to see in my perception of the assay under analysis that was not yet mentioned are the love and pride expressed by the author through his words. Of course, persistence and repetitive attempts are the central part of the essay, but the feelings, the author puts into it, underline the value of the writing.

Thus, The Dreamer is the story that shows the events that took place in the life of Junot Diaz’s mother, and influenced the author. They made him believe that her attempts were worthy, and he should try even harder to become an outstanding writer.

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