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The Example of the Office Memo

Facts of the case

The case here deals with the Rocky mountain mutual funds, which consists of around 250 employees, situated in suburban area of Utah. The place is well known for the professional landscape and the offices, which was not much expensive and was affordable by the firm. A fitness center was set up within the office premises mainly intended for two reasons, the employees to spend some time in the health center where they can improve the physique and another reason was there was unavailability of the sports club near the company.

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The majority of the employees among the 250 employees started using the health club, due to the increased mob during the non working hours and the lunch break, the fitness center was to open in the 5 days of the week. As a review conducted on the effect of the fitness in the organization in terms of the leave reports, it was found that the employees who often visit the fitness center are prone to attendance.

The company’s vice president of operations Mr. Zach was in charge of preparing a memo to the CEO and according to him he was against the fitness club in the organization, where he said it is a waste of money and there is no use in maintaining the health club.

The Memo to the operations manager


Joseph Mirola,

Claims Manager

Rocky Mountain Mutual Funds,

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Mr. Zachary Evans

Vice President,

The Rocky Mountains Mutual funds.

Sub: Retaining of the fitness center in the organization.


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Our organization is a highly reputed one since the establishment from the past three years, The physique of the employees is a considerable factor for the maintaining the business operations and in making the organization a success, Our organization is located in the suburban of Utah, there are lack of the gymnasium and the fitness center in the locality, To be in a better bodily form is critical in the present scenario. Normally, one makes out the most excellent way to perform at the fitness center, this can be witnessed as an optimal method.

As per the review conducted within the company to find out the impact created by the health club and the profitability in the organization, good feedback was obtained. The analysis of the uses and the advantages of the fitness club was identified on the basis of the official attendance record and the fitness club attendance record and a comparison done with the medical expenses incurred by the company. The comparison of the results are stated as follows, The 25% of the employees who visits quite rarely the center incur a medical benefit of around $300, and the 10% who visit the gym quite often are found to incur the medical cost of around $100 and the employees who never visit the fitness center are prone to have incurred the medical claim of around $500, the absent rate in comparison with the visit of the fitness center was observed, the regular visitors were the ones applied for the least leave in the organization. “Fitness center users missed half as many working days as nonusers missed twelve days. Although I know these statistics do not prove that using the fitness center caused lower medical costs or lower absenteeism, the lower medical cost and the fewer working days by regular visitors can be due to the fact that they are healthier people in the first place” (Thomas, 1998, p.2).

The workforce in the company does the work from an air-conditioned office and expend hours of service in obverse of the system. Undoubtedly the employees experience the severe effects of backaches, shoulder pains, joint pains, and neck sprain. Other grievances include wooziness and eyestrain. As the preventive measures to these affect the advice by the medical practitioners are to exercise an hour at a minimum, as the nearby locality has no other facilities available the only option left is the fitness club in the office. “The two key issues to a healthy heart are fitness. Employees who engage in regular physical activity have been found to derive greater work satisfaction, increased concentration and mental alertness, are less likely to fall sick and take leave, and enjoy a better rapport with colleagues, making for a cutting-edge corporate team. Some corporate houses have recognized the importance of better health to achieve core business objectives” (Work out at the workplace: Fitness and productivity, 2009, para.8).

The employees in the organization are to be respected for the service exhibited by them and the organization should also respect the services and should be able to compensate them in terms of extra facility and the additional recreation provided to them. The key stress inducers are the work challenges, personal and official issues, worries and tension in being ahead, pressures from the superiors, keen efforts in meeting deadlines, competition among the colleagues based on performance, long time of working and traveling to and fro to office. As the employees have the various bitter after-effects and the stress depicts in their personal and official life. “A sound mind in a sound body. Perhaps everybody heard this phrase” (A sound mind in a sound body, 2009, para.3).

The phrase indicates that only when the body is free from stress and strain due to continuous exercise, fitness and relaxation, they can be good at thinking, working and concentration.

So I hereby request you to have a valued consideration for the continual of the fitness center in our esteemed organization.

Thanking You,

Your’s sincerely

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Summary of the principles

The principles are mainly based on the various kind of persuasive arguments in the organization, the opinion of the senior claims manager and the operational manager has certain contradictions which lead to the differences in the opinion, the main supporting principle of the argument is for continuing the operations of the fitness center and to provide a healthier and a stress-free environment to the employees.

The principle of good service providing is also emphasized in the memo.

The use of the principles in the memo was to convey the vivid ideas to the vice president who is on the verge of ceasing the fitness center.

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