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The Experience of Visiting the Energy Medicine Florida

Within the current project, I contacted a CAM practitioner in Miami, Florida Dr. Wu Dhi of the Energy Medicine Florida alternative cure center. The issue which I reported was a continuous spinal pain of unknown origins. The decision of addressing to Dr. Wu Dhi was well-thought, as his organization has an appealing reputation and a decent amount of positive feedback from patients who suffered from various ailments. The doctor’s specialization, massage and acupuncture, widely prove to cause positive changes in health condition. The visit to the doctor showed that, despite the common skepticism and mistrust of such practices, alternative healing methods can improve overall health condition.

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The first impression of the visit was strongly positive: the design of the lobby with its balanced shapes and colors, qualified and sympathetic personnel compelled comfort. The reception keeps relevant literature and medication samples in visible places, which highly reflects the doctor’s competency. Dr. Wu Dhi has several utilities for diagnosing and curing at his disposal, such as anatomic schemes and sterilized needles for acupuncturing, a magnetic pain-relieving device, and a lymphatic drainage system. According to the company’s website, Dr. Wu Dhi has been practicing his alternative methods of healing for 30 years, has a degree in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed Acupuncture Physician (“Hi I’m Dr. Wu Dhi,” 2018). Considering the preceding facts, familiarization with the organization and an afterthought provided a basis for a slight consulting process.

After me passing the lobby and getting to the doctor’s office, he started diagnosing. The symptoms I shared with the practitioner were the following: unexpected shooting pain in rear and lower back, especially when moving, hip pain and general discomfort which increases when sitting. After carefully examining and questioning me, Dr. Wu Dhi concluded that the diagnosis was debilitating sciatica. Having conducted a minor investigation after the visit to the Energy Medicine Florida, I found a proof to the doctor’s words. The authors of the article confirm the symptoms to comply with the diagnosis (Spijker-Huiges et al., 2015). The check-up ended shortly, and the physician thus, demonstrated familiarity with the given issues.

The recommendations followed straightforwardly after the examination. Dr. Wu Dhi prescribed several preparations alongside with the massage therapy at his clinic, according to his method of treatment. The medications he prescribed were B-complex vitamins for maintaining immune system in good condition and homeopathic injections at his discretion if the symptoms evolve. The doctor partially implements psychological approaches and, during the check-up, he mentioned how daily routine and stress may cause several health malfunctions and disorders. The practitioner advised me to set the positive life perception, feel a crucial connection between the brain and the body, and ignore the exceeding stress when it occurs. I was also suggested to visit the clinic the week after using the medications and practicing stress overcoming. As it is seen from a diagnosing procedure, Dr. Wu Dhi provides qualitative examination and practical advice.

The following week I implemented Dr. Wu Dhi’s methods and consumed the B-complex additives, as it was prescribed. The results began to appear after four days of treatment. The pain became less visible, and, in addition, the state of my mind improved significantly. As the perception of negative events stopped bothering me, the disturbing lower back pain seemed to appear less often. I will definitely advance with the Dr. Wu Dhi’s treatment program, as it causes visible effects.

To conclude, the experience of visiting the Energy Medicine Florida was pleasant and productive. The doctor I addressed to managed to eliminate the symptoms of sciatica and improve the attitude toward my health. The visit demonstrated that the common skepticism might confuse a patient on the matter of alternative medicine, as a variety of such methods can successfully cure several illnesses.


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