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The Field of Nursing Overview and Analysis


It is essential for individuals in the field of nursing to pursue a graduate degree. This makes them to be more experienced, skilled and competent in their respective fields. To determine this, an interview was conducted on a random candidate from the 2009 graduate list of Kaplan University. Random sampling was used to reduce the biasness that would have otherwise occurred with regards to the selection of the respondent especially on the sensitivity of issues such as gender (Burns, 2001). The main aim of this interview was to determine the advantages that the respondent had gained and is applying in his/her present career.

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Education Overview and Reasons for Seeking Graduate education

The respondent was a holder of a Nursing Master’s Degree (MSN) with the option of Health Administration. She graduated from Kaplan University in Iowa in the year 2009. Before she enrolled into nursing school, the respondent was also a holder of an undergraduate degree in nursing from the same university. After completing her undergraduate in the year 2005, she immediately became a registered nurse and worked at Monroe County Hospital in Iowa as a full time nurse. Here, she was able to put her nursing skills into practice. However, due to the laxity that was being exhibited by the administrative staff, she decided to pursue a master’s degree with the option of hospital administration so that she brings a difference in the operations, running and management of hospitals (George, 2002).

Current Position and Role

At the present moment, the respondent is a medical superintendent at Monroe County Hospital. She was selected as the best candidate 16 months ago. With her current position, her main role is to oversee the operating activities of the hospital in order to ensure that they are conducted in a smooth and efficient manner (Robbins et al, 2011). In addition, it is her responsibility to formulate rules, standards and procedures that all the staff in the hospital will adhere to (Poels, 2003). This ensures that the staff at the hospital work effectively and efficiently to meet the needs and demands of patients. This therefore ensures that all the clients who visit the hospital receive high quality services (Mildon & Underwood, 2010).

Application of her Education

Her graduate education and prior experience have equipped the respondent with the skills and experience that is required in the current position that she holds. She is a holder of MSN in Hospital Administration. Her graduate education therefore has given her the skills that is required to run a hospital, empower her staff, formulate policies and guidelines and procedures that are required to ensure that a hospital is run in an effective and efficient manner (Wolfson, 2009). In addition, her graduate education also equipped her with public relations and interpersonal skills that help her to relate well with her staff and clients. With all these skills, she is therefore capable of making sound decisions that will make Monroe County Hospital a better health institution.

Pearls of Wisdom

Teamwork and employee empowerment are the pearls of wisdom that the respondent was willing to share with us. According to her, it is essential to empower all the employees who work for a specific institution, not just a health institution. This makes them to be competent and effective in their respective fields (Treece, 2002). It is also essential for the employees to work together as a team. This makes it easier for the entire institution to achieve its set goals and objectives (Polit, 1998).


The pearls and wisdom that the respondent shared are consistent with the competencies of the GCU programme. It is essential for an administrator of an institution to empower his employees and ensure that they work together as a team. This ensures operations are conducted in an effective and efficient manner. The graduate programme that the respondent had enrolled in is therefore plays a critical role in sustaining her career.


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