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The Great Gatsby: Book Review

The Great Gatsby” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the bestseller published in 1925. This book is a masterpiece in the writings of Fitzgerald. It’s a classic for the readers and most prominent in the American fiction. It occurred as the milestone as it has been reread by many readers. It is a benchmark for the all readers, authors and contemporary writer.

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The Great Gatsby involves the story of Jay Gatsby. In this book the character being played, namely Jay, is a character that is in the conquest of win back his only and first love. This character plays the role of an American (University of Adelaide). This book involves the psychology of American people. How they are tempted for the wealth and how they are busy in living their lives. It’s about Americans and their social nature as well as the love and lust with the work (Fitzgerald and Prigozy).

In this book the author has given the goal to think rich and be rich psyche. The author himself is thinking the same. Here the author has personalized his personality aspect in the form of a character in his novel (University of South California).

The author has described the love between a man and woman in a depressed outlook of thwarted love. The author has taken the era out of time which was basically the ear of Jazz and the declined social prosperity of America. America right after the war, experience the raise of wealth when the stock market reached the highest of the height (Fitzgerald and Prigozy).

This book was accepted as the biography of the American state in which all of the problems America have faced in that very time of the war and how American got out of the period. This book was greatly accepted by many of the readers and was entitled as the touchstone for the American society (Fitzgerald and Prigozy).

America right after receiving the raise in wealth became the victim of the deadly phenomenon “materialism”. In this way the families with any social background became able to make fortune. One more important aspect of this novel deals the amendment of 1919, which banned the sale of alcohol. This gave rise in the need and demand for alcohol in almost all the social classes. Because of this demand there was a clear observation of rise in crime ration (Fitzgerald and Prigozy).

The author or the novel moreover badges the characters and especially Jay, with the all these social changes and the followers of these social trends. Jay is even ready to gain the wealth by any means whether it’s the right way or the wrong way. He is just doing so to impress Daisy, the girl who is his beloved (Fitzgerald and Prigozy).

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This book widely possess all the main features of the Americans run for the wealth and keeping themselves highly renowned in the society, not with the aid of the noble actions but by increasing the wealth and the power to get what they desire for. The comforts they deserve I life was the name they used instead of calling the root cause, materialism (94).

This novel is a touchstone for all, which is being reread by many. This novel tells the story of Americans, how they started to get to the place where they are standing. This novel compasses and works as the alarm clock for the American people and their influence on the next generations. This novel is still the best seller in America.

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