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The Immune System Fighting Off COVID-19


In the article “How the body’s immune system tries to fight off COVID-19”, Healey (2022) discusses which processes happen in human bodies that naturally help them to fight against various threats, including coronavirus. In this regard, the author argues that each individual has three defense layers, namely skin, B and natural killer cells, and T cells, which constitute a highly effective protection system. Additionally, Healey elaborates on the COVID-19 vaccines’ ability to affect the immune system, the relationship between age and body resistance capabilities, and two ways of how an unvaccinated person’s natural defense may react to coronavirus. As a result, it can be argued that the author covers all the main aspects of the topic stated in the title.

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Overall Structure

The article aims to explain to the readers who do not have special education in immunology, medicine, or biology how the body tackles the threat posed to an individual’s health and life by a coronavirus. For this reason, Healey uses easy and accessible language, and the paper has minimum professional terminology. Nevertheless, despite addressing the non-academic audience, the author still seeks to include the evidence-based information that was collected through interviews with specialists in the immunology sphere. As a consequence, the facts mentioned in the article are not only easy to perceive and comprehend but also trustworthy. Moreover, the paper is logically organized, and there is a smooth transition from one idea to another, which further facilitates the readers’ understanding of the text. Therefore, it can be concluded that the author succeeded in the attempt to present a paper that would be easily understood by non-professionals.

Comments on the Main Part

As was mentioned before, the author maintains that there are three defense levels in the human body. As for the skin, probably, most of the article’s audience is familiar with the fact that it serves as a protection from bacteria, viruses, and other threats. In a similar vein, the existence and functions of antibodies are now not a secret to almost anybody in the world due to heavy media coverage. Yet, Healey explains the processes that occur in more detail, presenting the facts that arguably many people were not familiar with before.

Personally, for me, even though I am aware that the human body is a really complicated structure knowing how natural killer, B, and T cells work with high precision to fight potential diseases. Still, what is more intriguing, is that humanity could reach the stage where the functions and behavior even of the smallest body parts such as cells are greatly understood. In this respect, the role of biology in this progress is hard to ignore. Thus, it would be fair to claim that thanks to the latter field of knowledge, modern societies can efficiently and successfully handle such pandemics as COVID-19.

The Article’s Main Aim

The article starts with the fact that unvaccinated adults were 13 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who were vaccinated. Moreover, although the paper’s title suggests that only the ability of the immune system to fight coronavirus would be considered, Healey constantly discusses the impact of vaccination on the body’s natural defenses. Therefore, it is reasonable to argue that the author’s ultimate purpose is to induce people to get their vaccination dose.

However, this aim may not be quite obvious at first sight. Indeed, the article seemingly seeks to educate people, and there are no explicit calls for action. Nevertheless, it can be maintained that through increased knowledge concerning the processes that happen in human bodies, the author attempts to reduce the fear of the unvaccinated readers. Without a doubt, there are many online and offline sources that disseminate disinformation concerning the vaccine and its impact on people’s well-being. Such spread of false knowledge, in turn, leads to individuals’ unwillingness to put the vaccine. On the contrary, the provision of true information may reduce unreasonable skepticism and fear and, as a consequence, increase the trust towards vaccination.

The Relation of the Topic Raised in the Article to the Course Syllabus

The topic that the article under review addresses the issue that is in biology’s scope of concern and thus is related to the course syllabus. In particular, Chapter 4 presents the structure, types, and functions of various cells that can be found in people, plants, and animals. In this vein, Healey’s paper helps not only to refresh the learned material but also to deepen the knowledge about leukocytes.

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In summary, the current analysis of the article written by Healey revealed that the author could successfully communicate the knowledge concerning the human body’s natural ability to fight against coronavirus to the non-professional audience. The paper is written using simple words, which, however, does not reduce its trustworthiness as Healey constantly refers to expert knowledge. Additionally, the paper’s ideas are organized logically, which further facilitates reading. Moreover, it was shown that the author’s main intention to write the article was inducing more people to get their vaccines through increased knowledge concerning vaccines’ impact on the immune system. Finally, personally, for me, the article helped to refresh and deepen my knowledge about the cells and yet again appreciate the complexity and precision of human organism’s functioning.


Healey, J. (2022). How the Body’s Immune System Tries to Fight off COVID-19. The Detroit News. Web.

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