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The Impact of Industrialization

Industrialization is a significant process that had a crucial impact on the development of society for several centuries. These modifications are associated with the implementation of new technologies. Their primary purpose is to increase the level of productivity in the manufacturing and distribution of goods. It is important to mention that the required result of industrialization is to produce enough value for everyone. When the community can consume more goods, they begin to choose the most valuable ones among the variety of offers. The possibility to have better products and services because of new technologies leads to the rise of the standard of living.

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The progress is usually treated as a general process in which impact can be evaluated only by future generations. However, it can be observed that in the current moment of creating new technologies, some societies become more developed and prosperous than others. For example, it may be caused by the specificity of their occupation. If the profession can be replaced by the implementation of the new technology, then this community needs time to find the solution and the new job. Another reason is the real benefit of modifications for some parts of society. If people created an automatic way of tailoring, it would be a noticeable advantage for the business owners in this sphere but would not have an impact on the agricultural community.

The technology increases productivity, and it provides more opportunities for choosing the best option among the possible ones. People prefer to consume things that want the most, that is why goods and services become not only a product but a value for particular parts of society. Nevertheless, some of the newly created products are reinvested in new technologies. In this case, the situation becomes circled, and the process starts over and over again. This situation is called the self-sustaining growth of capitalism.

The energy transition is an essential part of the process of industrialization as it illustrates the level of development of society. The first example is the creation of the steam engine and the transition of wood to coal in the late 1700s that had a significant impact not only on the sphere of transportation but on the economic situation in the world in general. The second illustration of the energy transition is the replacement of coal by oil after the turn of the 20th century, which was beneficial for the level of productivity. In the modern world, it is also possible to investigate the implementation of new technologies in this sphere: society faces an energy transition from oil to natural gas. Its cause is not only in improving the process and making it easier but also in the deterioration of the ecological situation in the 21st century. The energy transition is a way to create the most efficient method of using energy and producing value.

This process is vital as it initiates significant modifications in society. The changes in energy transition have an impact on all spheres of life of people. It is a complex process that requires the implementation of new technologies in diverse fields of manufacturing and distribution. On the one hand, this is a stressful situation where the result cannot be predicted with accuracy. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to ameliorate the quality of life in a gradual, at the same time, complex way.

New technology often destroys workplaces. The example of the bankruptcy of the Kodak company in the early 21st century is an illustration of the influence of industrialization on business and people. The loss of job by the uncle may be related to the economic progress as no one wants to consume cameras anymore. Humans prefer to have smartphones with the possibility to take a photo. It simplifies their life as they have to use only one device for several tasks: call relatives, chat with friends, or make videos for Instagram.

Another example of creative destruction when the implementation of new technology leads to negative changes in other spheres is the case the company Moby Dick (1851). The implementation of new chemist technologies in whale hunting industry ruined the organization and caused the dismissal of thousands of its workers. The creation of kerosene increased productivity and lowered the prices, which made it best in all respects compared to hunting sphere.

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Points of Ms. Martinez are not persuasive as the experience of the previous generations, and the impact of the industrialization on a life of ordinary people show that the implementation of new technologies cannot be beneficial for everyone. The introduction of modifications is accompanied by the loss of jobs, significant changes that might be stressful and harmful for specific industries. The plan of Ms. Martinez would be better if she introduced the steps which would help the suffering spheres overcome the potential problems and expenditures caused by the progress. What is more, it is not clear which methods of energy production she proposed, and it plays a crucial role in the modern world because of the ecological situation and the lack of resources. In conclusion, the ideas of Ms. Martinez should be more developed and detailed in order to provide an objective overview of the changes.

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