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The Importance of Diverse Society in Modern Times


Modern society exists in conditions of a diverse population. Almost every country in the world is inhabited by representatives of different cultures and other distinct characteristics. At the same time, different cultures tend to have different backgrounds, values, and attitudes. For a productive, effective, and tolerant coexistence, people must respect each other and support the principles of inclusiveness instead of discrimination and prejudice.

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Main body

When introducing employee diversity training into practice, it may be difficult to overcome the resistance to change, which occurs before and during the “unfreezing” stage, according to the Kurt Lewin model. Additionally, during the “freeze” phase, employees may still adhere to old habits of communication and behavior (Burnes, 2020). In this regard, correct management is important to track the effective implementation of changes. At the same time, appointing a chief diversity officer can lead to employee opposition due to bias and misconceptions about excessive control. The solution for effectively implementing these changes can be a diversity award program. The program can create job loss anxiety among employees; however, if implemented correctly, it will make them feel a valuable part of an important process of change.

Religion has had the greatest influence on my perception of diversity. During my school years, I encountered examples of bullying towards representatives of a religion different from the majority. This impressed me and made me understand that I consider such a manifestation unacceptable, and I am ready to stand up for the offended and promote the idea of acceptance among others. The memories of my adolescence and what I see in the modern world allow me to understand that these values will not change in my future path through life. Moreover, I believe that all members of society should show support for those who are different, as this will allow all to flourish in abilities and talents in a diverse environment.

I support judging people on the basis of objective and case-relative aspects. Principle number three says that with the right structure of society, a global demographic principle of equality of people, their rights, and opportunities will be created (Ornstein, 2017). This principle is also relevant for other people since, for people with excellent characteristics, acceptance into society and the presence of standard opportunities are important. When this principle is not applied, people of different races, religions and physical abilities may be discriminated against in employment, border crossing, education, and inclusion in social groups.

In a just society, a person should be able to influence the social class to which he belongs. Principle nine emphasizes the same possibility of moving from the low class to the high class and vice versa (Ornstein, 2017). I especially emphasize the importance of this principle since a person does not choose in which family to be born; however, in a fair society, it can influence his or her path. With this principle in place around the world, people from low and high social and income groups would be more motivated. At the same time, the presence of a tighter framework of government regulation in the United States would reduce the difference in the treatment of people with distinct characteristics.

It can be difficult for society to internally regulate aggression, discrimination, and conflict. In this regard, in accordance with principles ten and twelve, it is important to have a correct legal framework that limits permissible actions and behaviors. Additionally, governmental authorities must be prepared to intervene in the processes (Ornstein, 2017). I understand the importance of these principles, as people tend to have different views and opinions. Therefore, unified regulation is important. These principles affect all members of society, including those who tend to discriminate and those who are subject to direct or indirect discrimination.

In addition, support from the state for the development of social projects is important. Regarding principle fifteen, under the social contract, the state should help the disadvantaged, as well as the creation of schools, roads, and other publicly accessible infrastructures (Ornstein, 2017). In my view, the allocation of the state budget for non-commercial purposes is important for the development of a tolerant and mutually beneficial society. For people, especially the poor and disadvantaged, this can affect equal chances for education and further development. In particular, the introduction of more advanced welfare programs in the United States is recommended to enable immigrants to integrate into local society.

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In conclusion, I believe that people should be born with equal rights and opportunities. There should be no prejudice against certain races, ages, sex, or other characteristics. Each person should be judged on the basis of his personal indicators, such as achievements, knowledge, skills, and other objective factors. Bias or discrimination should not be included in the assessment of a person. In this regard, I support the concept of inclusiveness for people who represent different social categories, skin color, religion, or any other sign that is not an indicator of personal capabilities. Studying diversity, equity, and inclusion, I became convinced that I am a promoter of the acceptance of people on the basis of objective signs that are exclusively relative to the situation.


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