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The Inkspell and Its Relation to Inkheart

Inkspell previously referred to as Tintenblut, is a junior adult novel authored by Cornelia Funke. It received a book of the year recognition under the children’s literature category in 2006, therefore was referred to as the 2006 book sense. This book is the second in the ink world trilogy after Inkheart authored in 2003 and later made into a motion picture in September 2007. This book was authored partly as a continuation of the first book Inkheart that had an ambiguous ending and its original name Tintenblut is a direct translation of Inkblood.

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The plot synopsis: A year was gone though no day passed devoid of Meggie having thoughts of Inkheart following the come back of Resa who did without a voice. The fire eater Dustfinger is desperate to go back to the tale when he meets a crooked storyteller named Orpheus to recite him back. After the meeting, he abandons his apprentice Farid and starts reading but does not read Farid back into the plot of the book like he was supposed to, by omitting the name “boy”. Later Farid makes Meggie accept to read him within the book which was to serve as a caution to Dustfinger then happens to be his apprentice once more. However this time Meggie has smartened and realized a way of reading both herself and Farid into Inkheart.

Suddenly Basta, Orpheus, Mortola, and a man formed like a wardrobe plunge into Elinor’s house where they capture and imprison Darius, Elinor, Resa, and Mortimer. However, all of this is not known to Meggie and Farid. At this point, Orpheus reads Mortimer, Mortola, Resa, and Basta into Inkheart where Mortola takes a modern rifle and shoots Mortimer and coincidentally Resa discovers that her voice has come back. At that instance, Resa and Mo are hiding together with some strolling players and suddenly at the same moment, they found out that Mo who had injuries was the puzzling guy robber “Bluejay” made through Fenoglio’s words. At that very point, Fenoglio had his narrative and manages to have Meggie recite Cosimo returning him into the narrative having died before. At this point, the Adderhead wants to get him and in return, he badly wants to hang him or slay his family before him.

At this point, Mo and Resa are incarcerated but Mo is unable to run away because of his lethal wound. Mo, Resa, and Meggie find themselves within the Adderhead’s fortress were by this time Mo is through with negotiating for the liberation of Resa and Meggie along with the player detainees at the expense of binding him an immortality book. However, Mo avoids telling the prince that in the case that the words death, heart, and spell were to be found in the book Adderhead would die at once. Unluckily at this point, Mortola finds out about this, and Firefox is delegated to examine the book. Following this Firefox is made eternal but is executed by Taddeo the librarian of the Adderhead’s by the inscription of the three words on the book. At this point, the three words are erased and in their place, Adderhead’s name is written making him invincible.

At that moment Dustfinger and Farid manage to sneak into the fortress by using that created invisibility by utilizing the harmony of water and fire. Farid and Meggie engage in a love affair within the plot of instances in the Inkworld. With the completion of the bookbinding, the Adderhead honors his promise but afterward commissions his soldiers and Basta to execute the prisoners. Basta out of malice focused on Dustfinger murdered Farid and in return was also murdered by Mo. After all this Farid is brought back to life by the White women who were ordered to do so by Dustfinger though he offered himself sacrifice in the process; After Farid is resurrected Meggie recited Orpheus using the words of Fenonglio into the story, though Orpheus does not acknowledge having been read into the spellbook. Following that Farid suggests that he would labor for Orpheus as a laborer if he did inscribe words that return Dustfinger to life which makes Farid doubt if Orpheus would keep his end of the bargain to make Dustfinger live again.

The climax of this book is achieved when the idea that written words are magic and that they possess the magical power which is used in the plot of this story as seen that it is the tool used to take or bring life. The original name of the book can be translated to mean Inkblood is achieved in the climax of this plot by having it either given or taken by the magical power of words. The conflict in the plot of this story is seen where the king nearly had Mo and Meggie executed which further leads to the magical turning of Dustfinger invisible to save Meggie and Mo.

Inkspell is a fictional tale combining the themes of spellbinding in feelings like joy and pain to achieve the form of a fictional fairytale and combines the use of characters from the ink world and those from the real world to achieve this adorable piece of art. The theme in this story revolves around the magical power of words as used in the story to build the plot of the story that means in blood. The climax of this story is created around the power of words and instances of conflict are evident from the plot as well.

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