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The Job of a Certified Public Accountant or CPA


The job of a certified public accountant or CPA is to provide accounting services to individuals. By its nature, this profession requires cooperation with different kinds of people from a variety of social, economic, ethnic, and cultural groups. Promotion of diversity and equity are essential to ensure stable development and guaranty equal opportunity and rights for all persons in the country. Commitment to protect the public interest and help all people regardless of their status and position in society is a fundamental principle of responsible and ethical work as a public accountant.

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Making efforts towards a more accepting society that provides a comfortable environment to work and live for everyone is essential to bring about positive change. The idea of equity is one of the central principles of this approach, and it can be applied to many fields and social contexts, including the professional sphere. In this situation, equity means fairness and equal opportunities for all individuals. In public accounting, there are two kinds of equity that are needed, namely equal services for clients and justice within the field of specialization. Both types are essential, and one influences the other, so it is necessary to ensure simultaneous work on improvement. Equity within the profession requires equal opportunities for education and employment. It also requires acceptance and understanding towards colleagues with different backgrounds. The creation of workplaces equipped with the necessary facilities for disabled employees is also needed to help such individual overcome their situation, make career achievements, and contribute to society.

Promoting equity among clients is essential for the ethical practice of personal accounting, and it is a personal responsibility of everyone who works in that field. Failure to ensure equal access and quality of service leads to many negative consequences for society and creates an unfair situation. It leads to dissatisfaction of customers, causes harm to the reputation of involved companies, and contributes to tension and misunderstanding among different social groups. Keeping it in mind in their everyday work is necessary for all accountants, and it ensures high professionalism and responsible practice that benefits society.

Commitment to diversity is also a big part of the socially aware work of a public accountant and is a moral and legal obligation. Remembering it allows every individual to make a personal contribution to the promotion of positive change in the community. Lack of diversity within the profession leads to dissatisfaction of people with their position and low motivation, compromising the outcomes of work of such people and stopping them from professional growth (Prather-Kinsey 25). In addition to that, it is critical to keep in mind that differences in lifestyle, experiences, beliefs, and needs of customers have to be taken into account as well. Personally, I have demonstrated that commitment by studying the subject, learning about other cultures, and trying to understand the needs of people who are different from me. As a public accountant, I would adjust services to all kinds of clients to ensure their satisfaction and my professional growth.


Thus, promoting equity and diversity is essential for long-term development and needs to be a part of professional life. By incorporating these values in their everyday practice, public accountants can make a positive impact on the situation. Apart from moral and ethical reasons, paying attention to differences among individuals also has practical benefits. Customers who feel that they are respected and their needs are understood are more likely to be satisfied with the service. At the same time, employees are much more motivated and work more efficiently when they feel valued and accepted.

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