The Largest Minority Group – the Disabled

Every year more and more people suffer from health problems that make them disabled. Some of them are born with particular defections, while others gain them in the course of a lifetime.

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In the article, attention is paid to the fact that modern companies consider ethnic groups regarding the diversity of the population in the United States, but as a rule, they fail to deal with the disabilities market. It is reported that more than 50 million people who live in America are disabled.

Those who have an opportunity to utilize some assistive technology are afraid to live in dependence on others and become burdens for the families without them. That is why people with disabilities are likely to buy the products meant for them. The lack of attention paid to their needs can be seen using Tracy Saks’s work (creation of a special dating website) as an example.

The authors claim that firms should understand that they can increase their profits by helping disabled individuals. Very often, they are searching for work and cannot find one because of some prejudices. Of course, this group of people cannot work as other employees, but they are able to deal with a range of tasks. As the market is not decently developed within this sphere, those who have disabilities can generate brand new ideas and create new products that will be definitely helpful for this population.

The interactions between the disabled are tighter; that is why the company that offers working places for them will surely benefit. Firstly, disabled employees will design the things that they consider to be useful, which proves that they will utilize them. Secondly, the people they communicate with are also likely to buy the same products and increase the income of the firm.

Moreover, if other people with disabilities are present in the advertisement, it will appeal to the buyers more. Thus, taking into account the disabled market, companies will look better in the eyes of their customers and become prosperous.

I also believe that the companies, which are not connected with assistive technologies, are able to get involved. Those who are disabled can manage some positions. For example, people who are not able to walk can work at the computer, even staying at home. Except for that, the firms can conduct on-line surveys instead of pencil-and-paper ones as it is more convenient for the disabled.

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Thus, companies should not neglect the disabilities market. To improve their corporate image, they are to consider the needs of this group of people and try to meet them. The firms should understand that many of them are still able to cope with lots of tasks and can significantly assist them. Enhanced customer satisfaction will surely be of advantage.

The student’s post is well-written as the discussion includes the information from the article combined with personal views. The received thoughts are evaluated and described so that it becomes clear that the student understands the topic.

One underlines the most significant issues, such as the ability of the disabled to adapt to the workload and provide new ideas, which are likely to become beneficial and increase the profit of the company. The example from personal experience is of great advantage as it proves the student’s insight and shows one’s attitude to the problem.

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