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The Life of Celebration’s Community

Belief Pattern

  • Predominant ethnical group – Caucasian;
  • Predominant spiritual beliefs – Catholic;
  • Low availability of spiritual resources;
  • No data available on health promotion;
  • Community values unity above all else;
  • No data is available for fund spending.


As stated, the predominant ethnical group is Caucasian; it makes up 94.4% of all Celebration population with African American citizens being the second biggest ethnicity (“Celebration demographics profile,” 2017). The predominant religious belief in Celebration is Catholicism, while most of the population is atheistic (“Religion,” 2017). Therefore, spiritual resources are rather low in numbers. It is likely that no certain health and health care influences are present in the community. Because Celebration is a small community, some pieces of information never receive open access which explains the unavailable data.

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Health Management

  • No data available for predominant conditions;
  • Most of the population is vaccinated;
  • No data available for morbidity rates;
  • Healthy People prevention initiative;
  • Jonathan Lee – available health professional;
  • No known referrals to outside agencies.


As it becomes evident, vaccination policy is developed rather significantly in Celebration (“Celebration pediatrics vaccine policy statement,” 2017). Celebration health care authorities try to ensure that proper immunization is delivered to every citizen. The main prevention initiative county-wise is Healthy People (“Osceola County community health improvement plan 2013-2016,” 2013). The only available health professional is Jonathan Lee (“Health professionals in Celebration, FL,” 2017); no data on health resources is available.


  • No reported signs of nutrient deficiency;
  • No available data on obesity rates;
  • Affordable food throughout Osceola County;
  • Affordable water sources;
  • Low fast-food availability;
  • High quality of food consumption;
  • Availability of provisions for special diets;
  • The high number of school nutrition programs;


All in all, Celebration tends to have a high level of concern regarding food consumption. Healthy food is preferred over junk food. There are a number of nutrition services promoting available healthy food. Although Florida Hospital Celebration Health has an obesity department, levels of the obese population tend to remain significantly low. Also, health care leaderships pay a great deal of attention to implementing new nutrition services for families, school students, and citizens in general.


  • No significant contaminants’ impact;
  • Low noise levels;
  • Waste is disposed of properly;
  • Significant pesticides usage coverage;
  • Healthy hygiene practices;
  • No data available for bathroom numbers;
  • No data for universal precaution practices;
  • Proper temperature control;
  • High safety levels;


There are all precautions regarding environmental health concerns in Celebration. The environment in itself is rather healthy and clean. Levels of safety are adequately high. A number of environment protection policies are implemented by the authorities.


  • Standard fitness programs;
  • The high number of recreational facilities;
  • High level of safety;
  • No data available for injury statistics;
  • No data for sedentary leisure activities;
  • Standard transportation services.


The celebration has a number of recreational facilities. Recreational zones are mostly represented by parks that have trained staff that educates citizens and ensures proper safety measures. Safety levels are properly monitored. Authorities tend to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sleep and Rest

  • No data available for sleep hours;
  • No data available for general “restiveness;”
  • Day shifts prevalent;
  • Proper environment for sleep and rest;
  • No data for drug consumption;
  • Overall healthy community.


Celebration’s community seems to be generally healthy and well-rested. Environmental hazards that may prevent a citizen from having proper rest are thoroughly monitored and managed. Since the authorities promote a healthy and friendly environment, alcohol, nicotine, and drugs consumption levels are presumably low.


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