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The Lifespan Theories by Erikson

This discussion deals with Erikson’s psychosocial development theory and its application to social work practice. According to Gross (2020), it is viewed as one of the most significant lifespan theories focusing primarily on social interactions. Erickson’s framework allows one to look at development throughout life and study the role of social relationships in a person’s growth. I believe I would benefit from implementing the psychosocial development theory suggested by my colleague in my social work practice. I would use Erickson’s model as a reference to estimate at what stage the client is. As a result, I could address their issues and concerns in a more appropriate manner. Besides, the psychosocial development theory would help me see how different clients interact with the world and other people and help them grow and find solutions to their issues. Erikson’s psychosocial development theory can be incorporated into social work practice as it offers a better understanding of human behavior.

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This entry focuses on Erikson’s eight psychosocial development stages and the opportunities to apply this model to social work practice. Erikson considers people as social beings that wish to belong and be significant in the social environment (Çelik & Ergün, 2016). In this regard, the psychosocial development theory offers a list of basic virtues that can be considered and used to resolve crises at different life stages. I would apply this approach to evaluate how clients respond to problems and help them develop ways for healthy development and conflict resolution. I would consider the essential role of social interactions and encourage my clients to learn and build on their knowledge. Therefore, the psychosocial theory of development by Erikson would be helpful in identifying individual challenges and developing healthy ways of addressing them.


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