The Lowe Art Museum: Experiencing the Unknown

The Most Beautiful Object in the Museum

Understanding the Art

The trip to the Lowe Art Museum was a fabulous experience in exploring new ways of artistic expression and interpretation thereof. Among the 2018 exhibitions, one should mention the one dedicated to the most influential Americans as seen by the 20th-century photographers. Although nearly each art object was uniquely beautiful and thought-provoking, it was the picture of Humphrey Bogart by Yosuf Karsh that caught my eye immediately (Lowe Art Museum, 2018b). The photographer captured the atmosphere of the scene perfectly and helped convey the emotion of the moment, which seemed very inspiring and was the key reason for selecting it.

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Thoughts and Questions

The artwork provides an in-depth look into the nature of an artist. The image is the meta-analysis of art in itself since it represents the portrait of a movie artist created by a photographer. Thus, the picture makes one question whether an art object can be reflective of another type of art and, therefore, artistic performance, in general. The photo makes the viewer question the extent to which the specified artwork is a collaboration between Karsh and Bogart.

Feelings and Emotions

Because of the complexity of its very nature, the artwork stirs a range of emotions in a viewer. The picture conveys a sense of wistfulness and encourages one to contemplate one’s past and its meaning. Furthermore, the picture exudes self-confidence, making viewers reexamine the role that they play in society.

The Most Interesting Non-European/Non-North American Work of Art

Understanding the Art

The art of the Qing Dynasty displayed at the Lowe Art Museum might seem lackluster compared to pictures by famous artists, yet they represent an important part of world history and, therefore, are worth exploring. Particularly the “Ancestor portrait of Uncle Cheng” (Lowe Art Museum, 2014) was chosen as the most impressive one. Seeing the remnants of an ancient civilization was truly fascinating. It allowed developing an in-depth understanding of the influences that contemporary Chinese culture incorporates and reflects.

Thoughts and Questions

The art piece in question makes one think about the fleeting nature of human life. The art that people leave behind as a sign of their previous existence is an important reminder of why one should strive to fulfill oneself and be the best version of oneself.

Feelings and Emotions

The artwork has stirred a variety of emotions that ranges from surprise to enthusiasm. Specifically, the difference between the portrait and the traditional European and American art served as the platform for acquiring a better understanding of the Chinese culture. In addition, the ink painting helped to learn more about different ways of creating art.

The Most Disturbing Work of Art OR A Work of Art that You Disliked

Understanding the Art

In addition to rather conventional art pieces, the museum also had several unusual artworks on display. The art pieces that represented the “Games, Gizmos, and Toys in the Attic” by Walter Wick (Lowe Art Museum, 2017) seemed to be the most uncomfortable piece of art.

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Thoughts and Questions

While the specified artworks were supposed to imply a rather charming sendoff to childhood, they also carried the elements of something unnatural that made the paintings quite unsettling. The stiff figures of dolls and other toys made the picture seem slightly uncanny.

Feelings and Emotions

At first glance, the picture made me feel rather cheerful and optimistic. I reflected on my own early childhood and its cherished moments. However, the further analysis of the picture showed that it contained a certain element of artificiality, which created an uneasy feeling.

2 Paragraphs about a Special Exhibition

Title, Purpose, and Description

The museum is currently celebrating the Year of Glass and thus has dedicated its most grandeur exhibition to the subject matter. The displayed art pieces strike the audience’s imagination as surreal and enthralling, which was the reason for choosing it. Mysterious shapes of gorgeous colors that range from warm honey to Egyptian blue serve the purpose of telling the visitors about the history of the Persian culture and its various stages of evolution.

The Most Significant Object

Dale Chihuly’s Mosaic Persian seems to be the most significant art piece of the exhibition (Lowe Art Museum, 2018a). It embraces a vast range of shapes and colors that allow expressing the exotic aspects of the Persian culture. The art piece entices the audience with a variety of layers of meaning and sparks their imagination. The gallery provides a fantastic experience for its visitors and invites them to a new world of visual delight.

What Would You Take Home?

Of all the art pieces that the museum has, I would take home the painting that represents the art of the Qing Dynasty. It has a sense of power and calm that exudes positivity and encourages one to become wiser. The painting makes me want to experience new ideas and emotions, as well as gain profound knowledge of human nature.


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