The Millennial Generation in America

An older generation disapproving of the younger generation is a common phenomenon, and the tension between Baby Boomers and Millennials is not an exception. For all the criticism that Millennials have been bombarded with through media, my take is that this generation can actually do more good than bad. First, younger people these days seem to be more conscientious and socially aware. They are cognizant of the inequalities and disparities permeating our society. For this reason, Millennials are more likely to take a stand if they witness someone being discriminated against. The same level of awareness applies to environmental issues: the new generation knows that many natural resources are finite. They do not rely on the government for taking care of these matters. Instead, almost every younger person that I know is making a conscious effort to contribute to the cause that they believe in, be it zero waste, recycling, or animal rights.

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Economically, Millennials may seem to be in a tight place. Statistically, the younger generation is likely to make big investments such as buying a house much later in life than Baby Boomers. Also, Millennials do not get to enjoy the same job stability: the so-called job-hopping is becoming more common than ever (Taylor, 2016). On the bright side, though, these phenomena mean more freedom of choice. Millennials do not feel tied to one career path and can discover their true passions as their mature. Moving into new fields, younger people may finally become satisfied with their professional lives and make a greater contribution to the economy. Aside from that, Millennials are more likely to start new businesses, therefore, creating unique products and new jobs (Taylor, 2016). Overall, Millennials have their struggles, but they can be turned into opportunities to thrive.


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