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“The Misfits” Characters Analysis

The Misfits depicts a group of friends rejected by others, known as the Gang of Five, despite having only four members. They are Bobby, Joe, Skeezie, and Addie, the only girl in the circle. Each has a distinct personality and certain reasons for being ostracized, and later the quarter joins efforts to form a new party. This essay will focus on the characters of Bobby, Skeezie, and Addie and how the experience transforms them.

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Bobby is the story’s narrator, a diligent overweight boy through whose eyes the events unfold. He works at a young age and struggles with puberty, evident by his awkwardness around Pam and Kelsey (Howe 27). Bobby is conscious of his weight and believes it is the reason people will approach him (Howe 45). He is level-headed throughout the story and eventually takes the lead by conceiving the No-Name Party and convincing the principal to acknowledge it (Howe 98). Although the Gang loses the election, Bobby’s speech inspires change within the school, and the boy gains the courage to admit his feelings to Kelsey.

Skeezie is supposedly a delinquent type, wearing a black leather jacket and having crude speech. However, he has a big heart, which manifests in his continuous support of other characters (Howe 131). Skeezie plays a matchmaker for Colin and Addie while trying to understand love himself (Howe 65). Although he does not change as much as others and is rarely serious, they value him as a friend.

Addie is the only girl in the Gang, characterized as intelligent and leader-like. She has a strong sense of justice, which makes her oppose such gestures as the Pledge and reject the two-party system (Howe 14, 39). Addie establishes a third party to support the minorities’ cause but later realizes that it is already covered (Howe 69). While challenging the school’s political realities, she also becomes infatuated with Colin, which reveals the girl’s more feminine side (Howe 78). Ultimately, Addie remains passionate about justice and discovers love with DuShawn’s help.

The events of The Misfits occur within a short period, which is still enough to highlight the characters and see them change. Bobby, the narrator, leaves his shell and makes a difference, establishing a new school tradition. Skeezie learns more about love and remains a great supporter of the Gang’s members. Addie attempts to challenge the system, suffers some failures, and eventually discovers new feelings.

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