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The Most Effective Types of Hair Removal

The paper under consideration is called “Pre-operative hair removal to reduce surgical site infection” and refers to the problems of the necessity of hair removal, the types of them, and the problems arising out of the process of removal. The main purpose of the article is to study what method of hair removal is the most effective, what methods are the least painful for the patient, and to what exchange the hair removal affects surgical site infection rates. To my mind, the writer considers the study important due to the fact that hair removal is closely connected with the study of surgical approaches to operation.

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While analyzing the article I should admit that the article is logically built and has a strict structure. The great advantage of the article lies in the detailed description of the study itself from all aspects including the quantity of the patients and their age To all above mentioned, the author emphasizes the importance of choosing the most appropriate method of hair removal in order to minimize the surgery site infection level. The article presents three main types of hair removal: shaving, clipping, and chemical depilation which are to be analyzed. The author intends to figure out the exact notions of the types of hair removal and gives considerable importance to the objectives of the study in order to avoid ambiguity. To my mind, it is important to inform the reader about each detail.

In my opinion, the strong point of the article lies in a comprehensive comparison of all types of pre-operative hair removal and in the presence of logical conclusions based on the practice. Moreover, he presents an effective and consistent diagram that brightly illustrates in what cases a relevant type of hair removal is to be used. Nevertheless, the writer doesn’t exclude the possibility when hair removal is impossible. I believe that including the cases of the issue would have been of paramount importance (Joanne Tollefson, 2004, p. 114).

However, there are some disadvantages of the given research. In other words, a careful approach should be applied to the problem of the type of and the place of shaving. Considering this, it is obligatory to include in the study such an urgent aspect as hair removal according to the type of the skin and the place of removal. For instance, relevant instruments should be used to preserve skin integrity (Debbi Westerrn, 2008, p. 95).

Another weak point of the research is that the author of the writer didn’t mention all the types of pre-operation hair removal applied in surgery. To be more exact, there is no information concerning the matter of laser treatment of unwanted hair (David J. Coldberg, 2004, p. 114). I also think that including the passage concerning the matter of detailed information of surgical site infections would be preferable (Jefrey A.Norton, 2008, 244).

In general, while considering the whole structure I believe that the passages are placed in a quite unusual vertical order that calls for a constructive analysis of each passage. I could not but agree with the fact that the essential importance of the subject reveals a great number of possibilities in further research of the problem.

To my mind, the most persuasive fact is considered in the passage where the information about the types of pre-operative hair removal is concerned. Hence comes, I should agree with the fact the article under analysis has a considerable value for the researchers.

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