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The Profound Knowledge of Pharmacology

The successful absorption of the drug depends on various aspects. One of them is the gastric and intestinal motility of the patients. An increase or decrease in the acidity of the contents of the stomach and intestines can lead to a change in the ionization of drug molecules and their solubility in fats and, consequently, in the absorption of these substances. A certain effect on the absorption of drugs, especially slowly or incompletely absorbed (digoxin, tetracycline), can be exerted by drugs acting on the peristalsis of the gastric intestinal tract (anticholinergic, anticholinesterase) (DiMaggio et al., 2021). It is also essential to discuss the impact of antacids on drug absorption during simultaneous usage with other medications. Due to the fact that antacid preparations contain divalent ions, along with antibiotics, the absorption is sharply reduced (DiMaggio et al., 2021). Cholestyramine minimizes the absorption of clindamycin, cephalexin, tetracycline, thyroxine. Antacids reduce the absorption of H-blockers, while the AUC decreases, which requires a change in the time of taking H-blockers.

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Particular pharmacological concepts are essential for nurses to learn about to ensure the proper combination of drugs. Applying the knowledge of these concepts in practice will help the nurse to provide high-quality treatment for the patient. The additive effect is the intersection of the drug effects. The synergetic concept allows the nurse to combine the drugs’ effects more efficiently (DiMaggio et al., 2021). Antagonistic drug effect appears when one drug blocks the impact of another.

Nurses are to provide the teaching on the possible interaction of drugs with food. The food components can block the effect of tetracycline; thereby, it should be taken before or after food (DiMaggio et al., 2021). “Certain drug and food interactions with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) can be fatal” (DiMaggio et al., 2021, p. 822.). Therefore, patients who take the MAOIs should be ready to avoid a particular type of food, for example, containing tyramine (DiMaggio et al., 2021). The patients also should be aware that high protein food decreases levodopa absorption. By combining the different types of medications correctly and developing positive drugs effect consciously, nurses can improve patient outcomes. The profound knowledge of pharmacology allows gaining more rapid and profound treatment results.


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