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The Rock Blocks Company’s Recruiting Issues and Solutions


It is safe to say that recruitment is among the most important elements of not only the success but also the existence of organizations. Recruitment managers have to consider multiple internal factors of the company and external factors of the labor market and society to bring the necessary number of qualified workers into the organization. Case studies are among the many educational methods by which novice recruitment managers can understand various recruiting processes and gain theoretical knowledge. The topic is the case of Rock Blocks. This work aims to analyze the issue, propose a solution to the company’s problem, and answer several questions.

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Recruiting Suggestions

There are several measures that Rock Blocks could take to attract more applicants. As noted in the case, the chance to persuade potential employees to consider the potential of a job or work at Rock Blocks increases if one of their relatives is already working in the construction industry. Therefore, one of the useful measures would be to include employees in recruiting. Expanding the company’s search networks would also be efficacious (Phillips & Gully, 2015). Rock Blocks is a well-established brand; it increases the firm’s chances of attracting potential candidates. Another thing that attracts more applicants is well-presented detailed information about the company of their choice (Phillips & Gully, 2015). Providing them with data on the advantages and disadvantages of working at Rock Blocks through realistic job previews would also help solve the firm’s problem.

Roots of the Rock Blocks Problem

The problem faced by the Rock Blocks is common throughout the construction industry in the United States. According to Kusisto (2018), “the construction business is having trouble attracting young job seekers” (para. 1). She also notes that the number of immigrant construction workers is also decreasing (Kusisto, 2018). The reasons are the growing preference of the population for technology jobs and low starting salaries in comparison with other industries (Kusisto, 2018). Public bias towards the construction professions is also to blame (Kusisto, 2018). To combat the issue, recruiters could inform potential applicants and offer them training programs, as well as involve the company’s CEO in the recruitment process.

Short Newspaper Advertisement for Rock Blocks

Whether in print or online, placing advertisements in newspapers is a well-established and effective method to reach a company’s target audience and expand its search channels, which are both in the interests of the Rock Blocks. Below is a newspaper advertisement for Rock Blocks created by the author of this work; it consists of a headline and a body.

  • Headline: Building Your Future by Building the Nation’s Future with Rock Blocks
  • Body: We are Rock Blocks, a company with more than half a century of success. We are currently looking for candidates for basic manufacturing positions. Here you can apply your skills to build your own and someone else’s future.


This paper analyzes the Rock Blocks case and provides several solutions to the company’s issue. Reaching a larger target audience requires new search channels such as print and online newspapers and social media. The reason an organization is struggling to attract enough skilled workers is the social shift in society towards technology professions. Their recruiters could improve contacts with potential applicants to neutralize negative societal impact. Moreover, a short, brand-oriented news ad on behalf of the Rock Blocks was presented.


Kusisto, L. (2018). Young people don’t want construction jobs. That’s a problem for the housing market. The Wall Street Journal.

Phillips, J., & Gully, S. M. (2015). Strategic staffing. Pearson.

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