The Team Model of Nursing Care

Step 1

The observed model of nursing care was the synergy model. A patient who had been recently admitted to the intensive care unit was stable. However, he was also vulnerable and unpredictable, as well as demonstrated a rather low level of resilience. The core idea of this approach is that the patient’s needs are the driving force of selecting the nurse’s competencies necessary for successful care (Georgiou, Amenudzie, Ho, & O’Sullivan, 2018).

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Hence, the nurse who was assigned to take care of that patient considered the competencies she should apply in that concrete case. Based on the patient’s needs, the nurse decided she should make an emphasis on caring practices and clinical judgment. Additionally, the nurse realized she should demonstrate a high level of alertness. By adopting the synergy model, the nurse was able to make the patient’s stay comfortable and arrange the best conditions for his recovery.

Step 2

The article by Georgiou et al. (2018) is dedicated to the assessment of the synergy model’s application in hematology. The authors note that patients’ needs and nurses’ competencies were matched in the course of the study with the aim to evaluate the model’s effect on the quality of care delivery. Georgiou et al. (2018) have found that the synergy model allows prioritizing patient care. Additionally, the application of this approach leads to simplified identification of healthcare employees’ workloads. According to Georgiou et al. (2018), the synergy model has been applied in different healthcare settings, but they could not find any examples of the method’s use in a hematology unit. The findings indicate a considerable increase in the match between nurses’ competencies and patients’ characteristics.

Step 3

The study by Dickerson and Latina (2017) focuses on a different nursing care model: team nursing. The authors note that nurse satisfaction inevitably influences patient satisfaction. Thus, it is crucial for nurses to create pairs that work together as a team to deliver the best patient care (Dickerson & Latina, 2017). The team nursing model enables the shared decision making and responsibility of healthcare specialists. Furthermore, a diversity of qualification levels and skills promotes the patient’s recovery and increases his or her satisfaction (Dickerson & Latina, 2017). The model is beneficial since it enhances the working environment and improves staff communication.

Step 4

It might have been useful to apply the nursing team model in the situation observed since it could have increased staff satisfaction. With the use of this approach, the workload of each nurse would have been twice as smaller, so each of the specialists would be more satisfied with their job. As a result, the patient’s satisfaction level could have increased, as well. Moreover, the implementation of the nursing care model could have increased the patient’s safety. If two nurses were assigned to that patient rather than one, they would have had fewer distractions and could have paid more attention to the patient’s condition and any changes in it.

Step 5

The analysis of two nursing care models allows concluding that each of them has some benefits and limitations. When selecting which approach is the most suitable for a patient, the nurse should take into account such factors as workload, experience, and stress-resistance. Most importantly, however, the nurse should identify the patient’s needs and choose the care model based on his or her ability to meet each of these requirements in an efficient way.


Dickerson, J., & Latina, A. (2017). Team nursing: A collaborative approach improves patient care. Nursing, 47(10), 16–17. Web.

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Georgiou, G., Amenudzie, Y., Ho, Y. E., & O’Sullivan, E. (2018). Assessing the application of the synergy model in hematology to improve care delivery and the work environment. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 28(1), 13–16. Web.

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