The Thurber’s Work “University Days”

James Thurber is widely known for his brilliant short stories displaying a variety of real-life situations. In his “University Days,” the author tells a set of stories concerning academic experiences different people could have in their lives. His witty descriptions of characters and events make the reader smile and reflect on their own disastrous failures and astounding achievements. I was also induced to recollect some happy and embarrassing moments related to my college life.

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It is noteworthy that the characters created by Thurber possess somewhat exaggerated features, but they still resemble someone readers know quite well. I knew a student who could be a modern reincarnation of Bolenciecwz. The great athlete, Bolenciecwz, could hardly keep up with the rest of the students, but everyone loved him and tried to help the young man (Thurber 262). Likewise, our Bolenciecwz was also a talented athlete but had no chances at all to complete the vast majority of his courses without the assistance of educators and peers.

Of course, in our case, the student could answer much more complicated questions as compared to Thurber’s character. However, the level of knowledge and skills our renowned athlete had was insufficient for him to be referred to as a college student. Bolenciecwz’s story and the experiences of our sports star made me reflect on several important issues including the value of grades, academic justice, and the quality of educational services.

At the same time, the story made me think of all those funny stories I have had in my academic life. Many of them are closely linked to teachers’ attempts to find the right approach and help students acquire knowledge. The story concerning the botany course is archetypal, and my firm belief is that every college student has seen such the brave and helpful instructor or have been the struggling but diligent student depicted in the story. I have performed both parts in my life, and I still cannot tell which one is more embarrassing or frustrating. The good news is that all of us understand that anyone can face difficulties, but they can handle anything if they interact with others.

In conclusion, I would like to note that higher education is not all about lectures, discussions, tests, and scores. Our college life is more concerned with socialization and looking for one’s place in this world. Thurber’s studies teach students to be persistent and remember that all situations that seem difficult can be smiled at and used as valuable experience. I know that each time I make a mistake, I become more intelligent and confident.

We learn how to work hard, develop proper relationships with people around us, and look for something new. I am also getting used to the principles reigning in our society. One of the major postulates to remember is that people have different abilities and inclinations, which is critical for the development of humanity. We should appreciate each other’s peculiarities and learn how to use our difference to achieve primary goals.

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