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The Tower of London: Outstanding Place of Interest

Great Britain is well-known for its marvelous history and all things which contemplate the spirit of British culture and presence on the whole. This flow of grave events and historical data can be read out of the art masterpieces and architecture, in particular. I would rather describe this approach to the Tower of London, which is one of the most outstanding places of interest in London. The points on its description vary according to my personal feelings which were felt while being within easy reach and in a straightforward nearness to Tower.

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The history of this sightseeing begins in times when the territory of contemporary England was constantly being divided between several tribes and countries in medieval times concerned with an eminent figure of William the Conqueror. Since the time of foundation the building of Tower was used as a jail, then it served as a zoo, and nowadays (guess what?) it houses the Crown Jewelries. An ordinary outlook on the building proves the fact that it is a classical castle which was used as a fortress. In fact, the building is constructed as a concentration of a few towers in a circular form. I followed the way the guide used, but stopped for a moment to take some snapshots, and at this time I was trembling, actually.

The building of the Tower is placed almost in the center of London and can be achieved easily by means of public vehicle. So I had no problems with it. The place of the building is on the river Thames. That is why I was definitely impressed with the scenery additionally from the place where it is situated. A well-known part of London, the City, is seen from here as well as Tower Bridge and other bridges too across picturesque rivers with its splendid banks.

Tower is assumed with the essence of beefeaters appearing here and there in picturesque costumes sawn in a traditional royal manner for guard clothes and ammunition. I even had a chance to shake hands with him. Nowadays these so-called soldiers serve to save the tradition of making out the whole picture of the Tower when ordinary observers or tourists visit this place, and I appreciated it in person. The Tower of London with its flags on high spires makes an observer get into a fabulous adventure when the reality loses its boundaries and times of medieval England presuppose the emergence of such folk characters as Robin Good. It seemed to me when being inside the building that somebody from the serving staff was able to act similar to those heroes from fairy tales in proper costumes. It is emphasized when you are inside the walls of the Tower and feel the smell of this building delivering a spirit of constant elevations and depressions which these walls lived through. The emotional flow of satisfaction draws a head when one is initiated with a mystery of tortures and executions which happened many times. One even can hear the echo of that martyrdom, – the guides assure. I came to the improvised handcuffs inside one of the inner rooms and a beastly cold ran through me. It was terrible, I assure.

After this place I visited those buildings which are supposed to be associated with the time of knights and ladies and with the importance of Crown safety which was so vital for the country of Angles and Saxons. So I was also delighted with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey etc.

Thus, the Tower of London is one of the most famous and popular within the local population and tourists as well as sightseeing which needs to be discovered visually and historically with proper parallels of changes having happened with England and with the Continent too. You should feel the euphoric atmosphere of fabulous towers from inside and outdoors. The Tower also projects the significance of royal traditions implemented for centuries with the appropriate emotional coloring.

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