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“The Truth About CSR” by Rangan, Chase, Karim

Article’s Topic: Importance and Relevance

The targeted Harvard Business Review article for this exercise is “The Truth About CSR” by Kasturi Rangan, Lisa Chase, and Sohel Karim. The authors treat corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a critical aspect of business culture and organizational behavior (OB). The article encourages organizations to ensure their CSR strategies are embedded in their business models. The authors indicate clearly that the CSR agenda and OB should be aligned.

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This topic is important because it explores an agenda that has been taken lightly by many organizational leaders. According to this article, corporations should use their OB aspects to design desirable CSR approaches. The strategies should be aligned with the company’s culture, organizational behavior, and business objectives. Companies that fail to align their CSR initiatives with their organizational behaviors will find it hard to realize their potentials.

The concept of CSR is critical towards promoting shared values, behaviors, and goals. When the CSR portfolios of an organization are aligned with its business culture, the managers will attract the best talent and eventually address the needs of their stakeholders.

This topic is relevant to organizational behavior because CSR portfolios tend to trigger specific attitudes and values in an organization. The employees’ perception of their company’s CSR initiatives dictates their organizational behaviors. Effective CSR portfolios tend to influence social and organizational behaviors. Corporations should, therefore, ensure their CSR initiatives support their overall business models. By so doing, the best behaviors will emerge thus supporting environmental and financial performance.


The Targeted Story

This article presents an important story that can make a huge difference in the world of business. Firms should consider the OB concept to develop new CSR approaches that support their missions and visions. The authors indicate clearly that many companies have failed to embrace this strategy. Consequently, such corporations have failed to achieve their business potentials. The ideas presented in the article explain how companies can use their CSR models to empower every employee.

The strategy will catalyze admirable organizational attitudes and behaviors. The workers will form new teams and eventually deliver desirable results. This new practice will ensure the values and goals of the organization support sustainable CSR practices. New organizational behaviors characterized by positive cultural orientations will deliver positive results.


The article uses the stories of successful companies to deliver the targeted message. Within the past three decades, many companies have used different CSR approaches to support the welfare of different stakeholders and communities. However, such firms have failed to promote the best OB practices in an attempt to make CSR a critical aspect of their business models. The inclusion of CSR in a company’s business model promotes new behaviors and attitudes. The CSR concept becomes an integral attribute of a firm’s OB. This approach makes it easier for more workers and stakeholders to support the strategy. A company that is guided by effective CSR initiatives will ensure its workers embrace the best organizational behaviors.

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Takeaway Messages

The article presents meaningful ideas that can be implemented in different business organizations. The authors encourage business leaders to promote the best organizational behaviors (OBs) whenever focusing on the best results. Organizational behavior (OB) should be used to guide every company’s CSR goals. The strategy will empower and equip the employees with the best attitudes and core values.

The article encourages business leaders to ensure CSR is a critical attribute of their respective business strategies. The authors inform the reader about the benefits of making CSR portfolio a priority. The approach will ensure the CSR agenda will trigger positive behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. Consequently, every organization will record positive environmental, social, and organizational performance. Individuals who embrace and implement these ideas in their businesses will eventually record positive results.

Further Questions and Opinions

This article encourages more readers to reexamine the role of OB towards supporting CSR. According to the article, organizations should ensure their CSR portfolios are guided by their business values and objectives. The reader is allowed to consider new strategies that can be embraced to ensure the CSR portfolio of an organization produces positive results. The article raises several questions that must be taken seriously by future researchers. For example, the topic encourages researchers to examine how social responsibility can be used to reshape the behaviors, values, and attitudes of many employees.

This knowledge will make it easier for more managers to implement new behaviors and attitudes that can improve the level of organizational performance. The topic is relevant because it addresses a critical issue that has been underestimated by many scholars and business managers. I believe that the topic is relevant for companies that want to design effective business strategies and behaviors. Such strategies will bring together more stakeholders, reshape internal behaviors, create positive cultural practices, and eventually deliver positive results. I will read more articles to understand how CSR can be used to support a company’s organizational behavior. This knowledge will make it easier for me to manage my future businesses successfully.

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