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The US Government: Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

The US government is a complex but balanced system that ensures the sustainable development of the country. The legislative branch can be seen as the foundation of the system as politicians representing different groups introduce laws and regulations aimed at addressing the issues Americans have to face. One of the distinctive features of the American democratic society is the active position of people who can easily access the politician representing them. As far as I am concerned, I believe Republicans’ agenda is the most appropriate framework for this country although I do not support some decisions and certain individuals’ messages. This paper includes a brief discussion of the stance of a congressional representative on the American Health Act as well as my view on the matter.

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Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a representative of the 25th district of Florida, serves in three committees of the House Committee on Appropriations (“Committees,” n.d.). The Appropriation Committee is involved in the allocation of federal funds. Diaz-Balart is a Republican, so he supports the idea of budget cuts and taxes decrease. However, the congressman’s position on the healthcare system and its future is not as radical as President Trump’s stance. In his statement, Mario Diaz-Balart reveals his mixed feelings regarding the American Health Act (“Diaz-Balart Statement,” 2017). On the one hand, the congressional representative criticizes Obamacare pointing to its shortcomings related to the lack of flexibility, its considerable financial burden, and inappropriate quality of the services available to people. On the other hand, the congressman is not completely satisfied with, the so-called, Trumpcare due to certain downsides of this legislation. The politician notes that his colleagues and he are working on various improvements that can make the American healthcare system affordable and cost-effective. The representative stresses that it is critical to make sure that the populations who most need it should have access to high-quality care.

I share Congressman Diaz-Balart’s viewpoint on the American Health Act as I also see numerous areas to improve. Ideally, Obamacare, or rather, the idea of this approach, is the desirable option for the American society. In the ideal world, the system developed by Obama’s administration could work and make many people happy and healthy. However, the system has proved to be unfeasible and cost-ineffective. Although more people received access to some services, the care provided is neither sufficient nor appropriate. At the same time, the allocated funds are substantial, which makes wise people think of changes. I believe it is necessary to introduce some cuts, but the most vulnerable populations should have access to health care.

On balance, it is necessary to note that the representative of my district has similar views concerning the American Health Act. Moreover, he is working on improvements that can make the healthcare system more efficient. Reducing spending and enhancing the quality of provided care are primary areas of concern. The case with the Act and a congressional representative’s opinion on the matter illustrates the functioning of the American government. Politicians have certain agendas that can be shaped by the people they represent. In this way, the US government ensures the development of the American society and the well-being of its people as all populations’ interests are voiced. However, some weaknesses of the system are also apparent since the changes are often quite slow due to the interaction of different forces and interest groups.


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