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The Website of United States Department of Labor

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Website Search

The article related to the employment law on the HG website is extremely useful for employees and their employers. It provides summarized information regarding the labor law. One can find much information about the meaning of this concept and its history, which is likely to create a decent background. Employment contracts and their main peculiarities are thoroughly discussed for the workers to know to what the attention should be paid and when one should refer to the attorney. Except for that employment rights are reflected on this website for the employees not to be deceived.

The readers can refer to various publications if they want to deepen into the subject. The institutions to which one can refer are also mentioned for the workers not to be lost if something happens (HG, 2016). The website of United States Department of Labor (2016) is made to support the employees. It includes the information provided by HG but is not limited to it. Employment opportunities, hiring, and job-related issues (work hours, leave benefits, etc.) are discussed on it. SBA’s (2016) website is advantageous for those who have or want to start the business. It is full of related information and even advice. It has its own learning center and encourages professionals to improve their knowledge and skills to lead the business and achieve excellence in performance.

It is critical for both employees and employers to know this information because this knowledge allows them to consider the situation thoroughly and decide what should be done in the particular situation. Due to it, professionals receive an opportunity to measure possible losses and gains, which is critical for their success.

Resolving Conflict

It is rather difficult to resolve a conflict in a positive manner and allow all parties receive a particular benefit. Still, it is possible. To do so, people are to develop corresponding skills and realize the needs of the conflict.

Several days ago I saw my friends (A and B) starting a conflict because of the notes helpful for the home task. One of them went to the library and found the answers while another one did not do anything. Realizing that the task is already done, B just asked to share the results with him. A considered it to be not fair and refused. They started to argue, and it seemed to me that they would not interact for a while.

At first, A walked away but calmed down and returned in a minute. He promised to share the information if B would do the next task and share it as well. As they agreed and both were happy with the outcome, I believe that their conflict resolved positively. The needs to make B work and make A give the answers were satisfied.

I also saw like my aunt asked my cousin to clean her room in half an hour, as the guests were coming and she was not ready beforehand. My cousin said that everything would be ready but did not start immediately as she was chatting with a friend. Even though the room was tidy in time, my aunt started to claim that she could have done something more (water the flowers, etc.). This conflict ended but the aunt’s need to prove that the cousin was wrong because she did not do everything beforehand was not satisfied and required justification, which prevented positive resolution. When people want to justify their point of view they do not really pay attention to the outcome, and the conflict is valued instead (TEDx Talks, 2011).


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