Tradegy September 11, 2001. Personal Experience.

IT was September 11, 2001, a black Tuesday which was later named as the devil’s day of the history by our school. I was the student of St. Thomas Middle School, Alabama. As usual, I reached at the school in time in the early morning. I, being a student of the 7th grade, was busy with completing my project work that was to be submitted on the next day. But I was eagerly looking forward for the next Sunday to come.

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Because it would be more exciting moment for me as some cultural program was scheduled to be held on that Sunday. No student of my class was in a mood for study. Some of them were rehearsing for programme. Others were watching that. The programme would involve a number of drama activities consisting of still pictures, speaking thoughts, mimes, etc. I, being a spectator, was watching the activities interestingly. The time might be quarter to nine and I felt thirsty at that time.

All of a sudden some senior students along with teachers were found rushing towards the recreation room where every student used to watch TV. Our teacher was also informed that ‘WTC attacked’. I too rushed anxiously to watch the TV. Live telecast of WTC attack was telecasting in Fox News during that time. It was horrifying experience for me as well as the whole students of the school. Everyone got shocked. It was like total chaos in that room. Nobody dares to move. Everyone’s eyes were towards TV, without any blink. Some students got feared and took help of their friends for relaxing themselves. A few of them were of the view that the school may also affect by this attacks, may be a war. At TV screen it was like a modernized action movie scenes. It was not reel… But real scenes!

In the TV screen it was repeated showing that one of the Twin Towers changed into fire ball and other hit by a speedy Jet. One could clearly see in the TV that many people jumped off the windows of the towers as an ineffective effort. I could not believe that. I just felt that I was dreaming a night mare. Suddenly the WTO Towers changed into a heap of rubbles. Every channel was focusing their cameras towards the Ground Zero. It was confirmed that this attack was preplanned not mere an accident.

People were seen confused, anguished and running here and there for help. No one knew what to do? Where to go? How to escape? And even nobody knew what was happening? The premises were covered with thick smoke and dust. Nothing could be seen nearby. Many people while escaping were suffered breathing problem. Some lost their consciousness. I realized that something happened which is very disastrous in type. I realized about the consequences of the piles of rubbles at the Ground Zero. I just had a thought of people who were inside at the time of the collision and collapse of twin towers. I was like melted ice, shocked and feared.

I sobbed of my helplessness and think of their relatives. During this commotion the Police, Fire & Rescue Personnel, Ambulances were seen reached at the spot well in time. Rescue operations started. I was so upset to witness the crumbling of trade towers of United States. Rescue & Fire Personnel were seen engaged searching of any survivors. But there were little hope for any survivors. Because finding a survivor in the huge pile of rubbles was impossible. Possibly all of the victims might have dead due to fire and asphyxiation. Any way rescue team offered their services best.

I found in TV that people were searching for their relatives, friends with a little hope. Many of them, after continuous searching, lost their hope and sat down. They wept for their dear ones. Some prayed to god. Some cursed the god. But all of them were helpless to do anything to save people of WTO.

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Simultaneously similar attacks were reported from three other parts of United States. The Pentagon, Head Quarters of US defense was targeted by another plane hijacked by the terrorists. The attacked planned for the dignified offices like the White House, the official residence of US President, US Capital Washington DC was crash landed at Pennsylvania. I came to know that it was a well planned terrorist attack on WTC. But there was no idea about the culprits behind this heinous deed. However, I deeply wished to be at home at that time. Somehow I remained calm and watched remaining news in TV. The road was shown totally blocked with full traffic.

The cameras of aired channels were continuously transmitting the live pictures and videos of the jet hit to the general people. The hit of two jet aero planes on the twin towers was so powerful and dreadful, due to the fire and high temperature of the burning fuel, the steel of the concrete walls got melted and it caused overall collapse of the towers.

The US citizens relieved to know that the US President George Bush was safe in an undisclosed location in the country. The another good news was that the terrorists failed in their mission to attack the White House. But I, being shocked, was not interested in knowing anything more about the attack. My ultimate aim was how to reach at home soon. I just took the help of my small bible for solace.

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