Travel Destinations: Vacations in and Outside the USA

While receiving the opportunity to have a rest and use the vacation time, the Americans can be challenged with the necessity to choose between travel destinations which are similar and different in many features and aspects. Thus, it is important to compare and contrast the opportunities and details of vacationing in the United States and the features of vacationing outside the country. The sunny beaches of green islands can be discussed as the most popular travel destinations and vacation routes not only in the United States but also globally.

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That is why, to guarantee following the principle of objectivity while comparing and contrasting travel destinations, it is appropriate to choose the examples of vacations in Waikiki of Hawaii and in Boracay of the Philippines as illustrations for the further comparison because of the obvious similarity of these travel destinations in relation to the islands’ beaches and weather conditions. Thus, the aspects of vacationing in the United States and outside the country can be compared and contrasted according to such criteria as comfort and conditions, culture and traditions, general impressions, and travel costs.

Many Americans choose to spend vacations in the United States because of the guarantee of perfect conditions for the rest and desirable comfort because of the idea of familiarity. While vacationing in the country, many persons do not break the lines of their zone of comfort, and they can choose travelling in the United States because such places and states as Florida, California, Hawaii, Ney York City, Las Vegas, and Hollywood can provide the Americans with a lot of vivid impressions, providing good conditions for the rest. From this point, the beaches of Hawaiian Waikiki can be more attractive for many Americans vacationing in the country because they can predict the conditions and aspects of their vacations in the United States (Ioannides and Timothy).

While vacationing outside the country, people usually cannot predict all the challenges they can face and experience. Furthermore, the zone of comfort can be broken, and the expectations in relation to definite travel destinations can be far from reality. Having made a significant decision to travel outside the United States and visit the beaches of Boracay, a person should be ready to many inconveniences connected with receiving visas or taking responsibilities for medical preparations. Thus, in spite of the fact that local and foreign travel destinations can provide rather equal opportunities for perfect vacations, travelling outside the United States makes people pay more attention to additional aspects and details which are not expected in the USA.

One of the main factors which influence the decision of persons related to the vacations plan is the necessity to change of the working environments with pleasant pictures of sunny beaches or other interesting places. From this perspective, one of the important differences between vacationing in the United States and outside the country is culture and traditions followed locally and abroad. People choose various travel destinations in order to see the world and broaden the knowledge in relation to different countries and cultures. While vacationing in the United States and enjoying the rest in Hawaiian Waikiki, people develop their knowledge regarding the local culture typical for Hawaii without leaving the United States (“Things to Do in Waikiki”). In contrast, the meeting with the absolutely new and exotic culture is expected while travelling round the world or visiting the Philippines’ islands, for instance.

The differences in general impressions caused by spending vacations in the United States and abroad are associated not only with the elements of the local and foreign cultures and traditions but also with the opportunities for sightseeing or enjoying the beauties of beaches. Although there are many places in the United States which can provide people with many unique impressions and vivid emotions because of the atmosphere of unusual environments. Such travel destinations as Hawaii or territories of the deserts in Texas are discussed as the local places for pleasures and entertainments.

On the contrary, the opportunity to feel, see, and touch something new is strictly associated with travelling abroad. As a result, vacations in Boracay of the Philippines can be more attractive for persons who seek for fresh emotions and impressions depending on the exotic atmosphere of the unfamiliar country and culture (“Top Philippine Destinations”). The spirit of adventures is not always associated with family or other types of vacations that is why persons focus on such factor as the expected general impressions in order to choose exotics and travelling abroad or staying in the native town. The difference in impressions caused by travel destinations depends not only on the location of places for vacations but also on the places’ atmosphere.

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The next important difference determined while comparing and contrasting the conditions for vacationing in the United States and outside the country is the expensiveness of travelling and associated costs. People can choose a lot of places for vacations while discussing the opportunities in relation to their incomes and possibilities in the United States. Travelling abroad is associated with more costs because of the necessity to satisfy expected and unexpected needs such as visas, medical preparation, different types of permissions, and other expenses connected with the aspects of living in another unfamiliar country.

In spite of the fact that conditions for vacationing in Waikiki or Boracay can be rather similar, the expenses can differ significantly. Planning vacations, people are inclined to pay much attention to the aspect of the expected costs because it is important to find the balance between the quality of the rest and associated expenses (Ioannides and Timothy). It is possible to state that travel destinations round the world and in the United States provide a lot of opportunities for persons to make the right choice according to their desires and observed differences between vacationing in the country or abroad.

Vacations are the most expected days in the life of many people because they can guarantee the high-quality rest and new wonderful impressions. In this case, a person should focus on choosing the place for vacations with references to many differences between vacationing in the United States and abroad. There are many alternatives in the country to spend vacations enjoying the rest, and travelling abroad is also the best opportunity to broaden knowledge. That is why, it is important to determine definite differences in the people’s choices in relation to their vacations which are based on such important criteria as the comfort and possible inconveniences, differences in cultures, variety of impressions, and differences in costs spending for vacations in the United States or outside the country.

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