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Understanding Soundscapes


A soundscape is defined as either a collection of sound or a particular sound that emanates from a certain environment. In a number of instances, this may involve performance of that sound. It may also be necessary to record it is so as to create a certain sensation that is exclusive to that location. More often than not, these soundscapes are combinations of natural acoustics and man made ones. The latter aspect entails sound design, composition and other activities.

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Soundscapes have changed my perception of music since I now understand the composition process. I have realized the importance of one’s environment or one’s culture in the creation of music. I have also understood the fact that there are immense possibilities in creating combinations that can then be appreciated since sound design frameworks are highly diverse.

Since taking this course, I have taken notice of music that has been in existence for ages. For instance, classical music has been the centre of attention for a while because I have come to appreciate how deep this genre can be. I also appreciate Jazz music as it represents an important part of the country’s history both for today’s and tomorrow’s musicians. Reggae music has also been of interest to me because there are wise messages in most reggae songs.

What I have learnt in the course has been helpful to me because I applied it in interpreting performances. For instance, whenever I listen to a piece of music, I can easily detect how the composer used harmonies, melodies and m signatures to alter his piece.

One musical example that really appealed to me was European classical music. This was because I could detect aspects concerning accompaniment, interpretation, composition and ornamentation very easily. Other genres of music may make it difficult to trace some of these fundamental aspects.

Understanding the transmission of music

Music has travelled throughout the world as a result of physical or non physical interactions. Information technology has played an important role as various countries can now learn from each other by using electronic means. Sometimes music can be transmitted through immigration where large groups of people move to another part of the world and then carry forward their music traditions; an example is Jazz.

Latin music has slowly been incorporated into other types of local music to form various fusions. This kind of music was largely brought by immigrants from Latin speaking countries. Their music may have caught the attention of other people in Orange County because of its rhythmic elements which are very captivating.

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I believe that there will come a time when music will no longer be defined by its geographical origins because there are so many interactions that are going on right now. Technology has made it possible for ideas and people to move about as much as they want to thus creating multicultural societies with various musical expressions.

The musical example that appealed to me the most in Unit two was Afro Caribbean music. This kind of music was quite appealing to the ear. It was something that I had not previously paid attention to. However, after listening to it, I noticed that it was very rich in harmony.

Understanding music in context

Music plays a critical role in social expressions. This is why it is critical in dance. Without music, dance would be impossible to enact as it is the framework for jumpstarting such expressions. In religion, music causes devotion, it can be used to denote changes from one religious ceremony to another and it signifies the type of religion. In politics it can challenge leadership through its lyrics, it can inspire followers to select particular individuals or it can be used to spread certain messages. On reinforcing identity, music represents distinct geographical boundaries and this preserves, recreates and enforces cultural elements.

Personally speaking, I have been inspired to engage in dance after listening to certain upbeat songs. In religion, music has made me comprehend teachings from my faith. In politics, it inspired me to elect our current Senator after his campaigns. In identity, music has made me a proud American especially after visiting another country and hearing rock music playing there.

Learning about the role of the music in everyday life has caused me to appreciate people’s cultures. It has taught me how transformative music can be since various aspects of life are characterized by it. Aside from that, it has also caused me to enjoy music since I now listen to it from an analytical angle. Among the genres I learnt in Unit 3, l preferred rock music as it combines numerous instruments in a distinct and interesting way.


The most important concept I have learnt from this course is the transmission of music. I now appreciate how far music can come from and how society can be influenced by music from other cultures.

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