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V-Day: Until Violence Stops

Recently, many movements concerning women’s issues have been coming up. These movements could be national or international. One of these movements is V-day which is a global movement. This movement was founded by Eve Ensler in the late 1990s. It was inspired by “The Vagina Monologues” played by Eve Ensler. The mission for this movement is to bring violence against women and girls to an end. It calls for an immediate end of genital mutilation, rape, battery, incest and sexual slavery in women. It believes that women should live freely doing other productive activities rather than nursing their wounds and recovering from trauma. Moreover, the movement seeks to bring together and strengthen existing anti-violence organizations. It seeks to do so by raising money and creating awareness. In addition, it aims at creating new educational, protective and legislative centers globally (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

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In the year 1998, this movement incorporated performances of the play “The Vagina Monologues”. It was made to raise money for women and girls who were sexual abuse and violence victims. With time, the movement grew in its art to include film noted as the documentary “Until The Violence Stops”. The documentary film “Until The Violence Stops” was written by Eve Ensler and directed by Abby Epstein. It is a documentary film of the year 2003 and goes along with the events marking 2002 V-Day. It runs for 73 minutes and focuses on V-day activities of sexual violence in four locations including Philippines, Kenya, Croatia and Middle America. In this film, Eve Ensler passes a message that women are harmed in many ways through the vagina. This includes marital rape and battery, sexual slavery and trafficking, genital mutilation among others. Moreover, she adds that women and girls should be protected against sexual violence. She brings about the idea that in the vagina is found the universe, meaning that women are earth mothers (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

The documentary film addresses some international and national ways employed concerning violence against women. Much of it focuses on gender, race and class of women. It is found that if women are given the same opportunities as men, it will bring respect. Moreover, black men tend to adore white women and mistreat black women. It is resolved that if justice will be employed on women regardless of race, it will bring respect. Women who are well up tend to be treated with more respect than the poor ones. It is concluded that if all the women are treated the same, it will bring respect. In conclusion, if all these issues mentioned above will be implemented, the rate at which women are violated will reduce much far (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

Women are considered as the weak sex hence end up being violated. In order to reduce this, it is important for women to unite and fight against it. Women need to unite globally and empower themselves. This will help in creating awareness to those who are not aware. Moreover, it will strengthen the women and help them know their rights. The violated women will be encouraged to live positively and the non-violated women will be protected (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

Many women undergo a lot of violations. Some keep quiet and others come out to tell their stories. These women tell their stories aiming at getting freedom and living freely. Through the advice and encouragement they are given, they become strong and their broken hearts heal. They are empowered and learn how to live positively. By gaining this power, it helps them overcome “crazy making” since they know their rights and have been encouraged. In addition, it helps them to know that there is life to live even after what happened to them (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

Regarding “The Vagina monologues” production, many monologues have been put across. Many have discussed vagina from their experiences and others from what they think about it. If Vagina was to talk, it could say that it has been being misused in many ways. These include sex, injustices wrought against the vagina, menstruation period and birth path. In “The Vagina monologues” production, no one who discusses about clothing the vagina. It is important to clothe it in order to protect it from dirt. Clothes such as pants, bikers can be used (V-Day: Until Violence Stops).

In conclusion, globally the world should unite to fight against women’s rights violations. Women are mothers of the earth as seen in the documentary film and need to be protected. Rules and regulations protecting women should be implemented.However; men who are violating women should be punished severely. Many organizations for educating and empowering women should be founded. Funds for catering medical expenses for violated women should be reserved. Many women do not come out to tell their stories hence suffer quietly. They suffer from mental torture, humiliation, trauma and others even die. It is advisable for any woman who is being violated to come out and tell her story in order to be assisted.

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