Varadero as the Best Place to Spend a Vacation

A break away from normalcy is what people want to experience when on vacation. Modern-day circumstances, however, dictate that more often people travel in groups. This specific means that the arguments over what to do and where to go tend to sour the trip. However, a solution exists that satisfies even the most incompatible lifestyles. The answer is the island of Cuba and the town of Varadero.

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Disagreements among the five of my friends started almost immediately. The price, the activities, the duration of stay were all topics on which each of us wanted their opinion recognized. We were all intent on getting our money’s worth from the trip since some of us took our pride in being cultured and others preferred sports activities. Additionally, a small minority was relentless in their goal to lounge their vacation away. Varadero came to us as a surprising choice, but one that we all decided was ideal for all six of us.

At first, when we arrived in Varadero, naturally, the climate shocked us, and my friends and I decided that we wanted to explore the hotel’s grounds. I had planned to read and relax during my vacation, leaving the dangerous activities to my friends. On the third day of our arrival, however, I found myself wearing a scuba mask and enjoying it, surprisingly. When day five started, my best friend dragged me out before dawn to take pre-sunrise photos of Varadero. A party hosted by the hotel marked the tenth day and thus, time flew.

Initially, we had decided that our vacation would be a two-week escape. We had all read about the resort town and decided that this was the optimal vacation period (Roslin, 2018). Nonetheless, leaving seemed to us a cruel joke with which we were forced to comply. On our last day, we packed and decided to venture out for one remaining kayaking session. While this meant that we forgot some toiletries at the hotel, we felt that it was only fitting.

The plethora of activities and the heavenly climate created perfect memories. Varadero turned out to be one of the most unforgettable places my friends and I have visited. Additionally, it taught us that there was no need for bargaining when picking a vacation destination. We are sure that we are not the only people whom Varadero has affected like this. Remembering it fondly, we hope to return someday for our forgotten belongings.


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