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Victimization Prevention is an Effective Tool Against Crime


The focus on victimization prevention will help the criminal justice system and the crime victims to reduce the number of abuses and crimes that take place in the local community. Victimization prevention is an effective tool against crime as it helps potential crime victims to adapt their behavior patterns and avoid possible threats. Karmen underlines that victim participation is crucial for the criminal justice system because many victims of crimes are responsible for their actions which led them to crime. When faced with intractable and deeply rooted problems of deviant behavior over which they have little direct control, legislators, and the governments they uphold, tend to fall back on the one thing they can do, which is to legislate. This situation explains the parallel development of the steady growth over decades in the incidence and severity of offending, and the greater frequency of Criminal Justice (Karmen 2006).

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Victimization and responsibility

Karmen underlines that careless behavior patterns of the car owner can lead to victimization and, as a result, car theft. In this case, the responsibility of the car owner is to protect his property and his family against abuse. Simultaneously pressure is building to give the police more effective powers to control large and disruptive assemblies and raves on open land, as well as the nuisance caused by unauthorized campers. Instant decision-making is not always followed by speedy action since some of the policies took a long time to bring into effect. Karmen is right stating that attitudes towards crime and measures to control it are heavily influenced by victims themselves and press reporting is commonly advanced and is well supported by observation and experience. Surprisingly, given its significance, there is a paucity of empirical evidence. Many victims ignore risk prevention strategies so they become threatened by hackers and identity thefts. In this case, the main responsibility of a person is to protect his privacy and take action to keep personal data in secret. Criminals, it is claimed, are manipulating to their advantage the safeguards for suspects; the balance in the criminal justice system had been tilted towards the protection of the innocent at the expense of failing to convict the guilty Karmen, A. (2006

Benefits and opportunities of victimization prevention

Victimization prevention is more effective because it allows police and the potential victim to avoid unpleasant and threatening situations in all aspects of professional and personal life. Research findings and the experience of practitioners working with victims are at a discount. The clash was made harder to resolve by the widely differing beliefs as to the immutable principles of justice and the proper objectives of the penal system. The application of crime prevention to squatting is complicated due to the overlap between public and private wrongs, and criminal prosecutions or civil remedies for trespass. In contrast to victimization prevention, crime prevention could raise problems; it is argued that homelessness and poverty justified the squatting of empty domestic or commercial premises. The lengthiness and expense of the available civil solutions strengthened demands for criminal sanctions.


In sum, the personal responsibility of a victim is of equal importance to crime prevention and detection. Whether intended or not, victimization prevention solutions borrowed from the crime prevention sector as a discipline and incentive for improving the quality and efficiency of the prevention strategies are to militate against the practice of consultation and dispassionate inquiry. The departure from the traditional crime approach to victimization prevention making showed itself in various ways. As the example of victimization prevention shows, the solution may not seem as appropriate or as compelling as when the issue was closer to the forefront of public notice.


Karmen, A. (2006). Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology. Wadsworth Publishing; 6 edition.

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