Violence Against Women and Its Consequences

The article at hand successfully addresses the issue of domestic violence within the framework of the conservation model. The research is properly evidenced both theoretically and empirically. Myra Estrin Levine’s Conservation Model chosen for the analysis perfectly aligns with the purpose of the study providing the author with the necessary guidelines and principles. Besides the chosen theoretical foundation, the research features other strengths. The conducted study is well-structured and consistent: starting with the description of the problem and explanation of the chosen framework, it passes on to an investigation of the impact of domestic violence and discussion of the results, which allows the reader to follow the authors’ ideas and evaluate their conclusions. The analysis is comprehensive and manages to cover all aspects of energy conservation including conservation of structural, personal, and social integrity of women (Netto, Moura, Queiroz, Tyrrell, & Bravo, 2014).

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What is the most valuable in this research is that its findings are directly related to the role of the nurse in dealing with the issue. The nurse assists in support, promotion, and rehabilitation of women who were subjected to home violence and currently have to cope with health problems arising from this experience (McGarry & Nairn, 2015). The limited scope of the study may be named among its weakness. However, despite the fact that only 16 women were interviewed in the course of this research, the selection is highly demonstrative as it involved participants of different ages (starting from 18), education, social status, and ethnicity. Since all of them regardless of their differences expressed similar ideas concerning their experience (which was proven using the methodology of the Collective Subject Discourse), it makes the authors’ generalizations grounded and convincing. Thus, its findings are applicable in clinical settings to treat the health problems of patients with different cultural backgrounds.


McGarry, J., & Nairn, S. (2015). An exploration of the perceptions of emergency department nursing staff towards the role of a domestic abuse nurse specialist: A qualitative study. International emergency nursing, 23(2), 65-70.

Netto, L. D. A., Moura, M. A. V., Queiroz, A. B. A., Tyrrell, M. A. R., & Bravo, M. D. M. P. (2014). Violence against women and its consequences. Acta Paulista de Enfermagem, 27(5), 458-464.

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