Violent Crimes in Limestone County, Alabama


Limestone County in Alabama faced a significant increase in the rates of violent crime over the past ten years. As shown in Table 1, the primary reason for that is the spike in aggravated assaults. This could be due to poor law enforcement in public areas or reduced efficiency of the units. Establishing a crime analysis unit would assist in identifying the cause of the increased crime rate and determining strategies for reducing it.

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Violent Crime in Limestone County, Alabama.
Table 1. Violent Crime in Limestone County, Alabama. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

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The primary goal of the unit would be to analyze cases of aggravated assaults to identify common patterns and possible reasons for increased violent crime rates. Additional goals would include proposing evidence-based strategies to improve law enforcement efficiency and tracking progress over time. Other departments and organizations to be included are the investigations department, police leaders, and field operations department. In order to obtain support from these departments and organizations, it would be essential to justify the need for a crime analysis unit and list the benefits of establishing one in the county. These include increased law enforcement efficiency and better security of the public.


In order to fund the establishment and operation of the unit, it would be best to obtain funding from the local government by reaching out to the local Mayors and city councils or commissions. This could help to ensure that the operations of the unit do not depend on fundraising activities and can run smoothly at all times. To achieve adequate staffing levels, the unit could recruit college students majoring in criminal justice studies and related subjects to low-level analyst positions. However, professional analysts with experience would still be required, and thus it would likely take between 2 and 5 months to staff the unit.

All in all, the milestones for establishing the crime analysis unit are as follows:

  1. Locate a stable source of funding;
  2. Identify and approach potential team members from law enforcement;
  3. Form partnerships with colleges to create internships for students;
  4. Create a strategy for addressing increased violent crime rates;
  5. Select team participants and allocate duties;
  6. Start team operations.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation. “Crime Reported by Limestone County Sheriff Department, Alabama.” Uniform Crime Reporting, n.d., Web.

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