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Volunteering in Elderly Care: Lessons and Experiences

The Holy Bible encourages human beings “to be devoted to each other and show brotherly love” (Romans 12: 10). We are all expected to share good moments with others. This practice has the potential to support our emotions and spirits. This knowledge encouraged us to express our kindness to a group of elderly citizens in a home nursing center (HMC). The majority of the patients in the targeted center were aged between 80 and 90 years. Such individuals should be supported because they are incapable of completing different chores. We chose the topic because it supported our goals as volunteers. Human beings should volunteer and support others whenever they get the opportunity. This practice will make them contented human beings.

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We decided to target the elderly because they need the best support. The elderly tend to have different chronic conditions. Such health challenges affect their normal lives. The American healthcare system has also been focusing on the concept of disease treatment. This malpractice continues to affect the emotional, physical, and psychological expectations of these elderly citizens. More often than not, such individuals lack specific needs such as attention and healthcare support.

This situation explains why the government should identify appropriate strategies to support the changing demands of these individuals. The nursing facility took care of many elderly citizens with mobility problems. Most of the targeted patients were using wheelchairs. This fact explains why such individuals should get the best support from their caregivers. Members of the public should also visit these people in order to support their needs and experiences.

That being the case, we chose this group because it requires quality support. We wanted to interact with such individuals and fulfill some of their needs. It was an opportunity for us to understand most of the challenges affecting the elderly in different nursing homes. We also believed that the practice would support our feelings and emotions. One of our hobbies is volunteering. The practice uplifts our spirits and feelings. We targeted these members of society because they need similar services. We were able to see life from another dimension. This fact explains why we expect every younger generation to support the elderly in society. This practice can be very rewarding.

Our team consisted of four members. Every person wanted to interact with these aged members of society. We decided to complete different tasks in order to achieve our goals. We focused on the changing needs of these patients. To begin with, we brought snacks and shared our experiences with them. Two members of our team played bingo. This strategy uplifted the emotions and spirits of these patients. My friend and I did their nails. This practice made me happy. I was excited to interact and learn many ideas from the targeted residents. They gave us a new reason to remain strong and confident in our lives. We placed new smiles on their faces.

They also equipped us with powerful ideas and concepts that can support our philosophies of life. It was enjoyable to move them from one place to another. The caregivers in the facility were also proud of us. They encouraged us to continue volunteering because the practice can produce the best goals.

The targeted residents were very excited. Their faces became shiny after we visited the facility. They were delighted to share snacks with us. The individuals interacted with one another during the period. They also encouraged us to visit them again. They also listened to music and enjoyed themselves. One of the patients said that her nails were looking awesome. They were excited to have beautiful nails. This experience should encourage more young people to volunteer. This practice will empower more patients in different facilities and communities. Such individuals should also be ready to support the changing needs of these elderly citizens. The practice will uplift them and support their health needs. This approach will ensure such citizens live longer.

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We were very happy to achieve our goals. I was very pleased to learn more about the experiences and challenges encountered by many elderly patients in different nursing homes. Our team gained new ideas and skills that can empower us. We learned new concepts that can support our future goals. The undeniable fact is that this experience made us proud. We became happy after placing new smiles on the faces of these elderly citizens.

The exercise encouraged us to volunteer again in the future. That being the case, people should spread their love by volunteering. This practice will support the emotional and psychological needs of many persons in the society. The society should embrace the best practices in order to empower the sick and the elderly. The elderly have numerous health challenges and social problems. Volunteering is, therefore, a powerful practice that can produce the best results. This fact explains why our team has decided to volunteer again in the future. The practice will fulfill our desires. I am, therefore encouraging more individuals to volunteer in order to produce the best social outcomes.

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