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“Waiting for Superman” by Karl Weber


The American education system remains one of the education systems in the world that needs reform. In this education, there is a lot of investment but there is actually not enough information to show this. In this paper, the focus is on the book waiting for superman by Karl Weber as the editor. The book focuses on American education by painting a picture of a failing public education system. This book, therefore, looks into various questions on the themes of the book that can be a question of debate. The paper discusses the editor’s view on public education and the general perception of the people on education. Americans, therefore, need to change their attitude towards schools.

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Is American Education Perfect?

In the book waiting for the superman, the writer provides an overview of the challenges currently facing the public education sector. The book is written from multiple viewpoints and not all its parts focus on educational matters directly. For example, the scenes of the lottery brought out in this book are dramatic. However, the book overall provides information to parents and citizens of goodwill that help to make a difference in the education sector.

Is there a chance of improving American education?

In the book waiting for the superman, the writer takes us through various testimonies and articles written by various writers for the documentary film by Davis Guggenhiem’s that is under the same title as this book. The writers of these testimonies are actually people who are working to improve the schooling systems within their communities. In the book, the writer follows the lives of several students from various schools in different districts and clearly emphasizes that the problem of poor schooling is countrywide. In each article or testament used the writers give ways of how to improve schools all over the USA.

Does the teacher-student ratio affect the schools’ performance?

In the book, waiting for superman, the writer tries to bring out his argument based on statistical data. In the book, there is actually misuse or poor data use when it is stated that the size of a class does not matter and also by saying that student performance has not improved despite the reduced ratio of teachers to the students. According to the book, one concludes that class size does not matter. The book also does not give readers a chance to see that these unique statistical distinctions may exist and this is being dishonest.

What are the solutions to the American school system?

In this book, the writer does not portray the need for superheroes but on how ordinary citizens of America can build super schools. In the book, the writer looks into the public schools from the perspective of notable Americans like Bill Gates of Microsoft and Michelle Rhee. The writer makes assertions that a high level of skills and knowledge is needed for high-level jobs. The writer looks into the problem of underperformance in schools through the perspective of the teacher, parents and federal regulators. Holt (2009) wrote that the solution to these problems also does not lie with the teacher but mainly focuses on the students. In the book, the writer argues that unless the student has the right attitude then even the best teacher will not be successful in teaching him/her. The writer claims that no blame should be against the teachers for something that is out of their control.

Is it okay to commercialize education?

In the book waiting for the superman, the writer tries to paint a picture of public schools that are in a terrible state. The public then reacts with the support of the idea of privatization of these public schools. As Taylor (2009) writes there are financial benefits to be realized from these schools and the right-wingers have realized this. One should pay a price for education as it should not be free and the earlier we realize this the better it will be for us. In the book, the writer portrays the American population as a heterogeneous population and that is why some children will be educated in private schools while the others have no choice but to attend public schools. This is contrary to the population in Europe which has a more homogeneous society. Privatization of schools will mean that we shall educate fewer individuals and the writer does not support the idea.

Is the teacher to blame for failing of students in exams?

In this book the writer’s position on the importance of teachers in the equation of success of the students in the examination is evident. The book on many occasions focuses on the importance of teachers in the education sector. Waiting for Superman should not make teachers coil up, dig in, and say no way. However, we cannot generalize and say that all teachers are good because if we try to be accountable then there are bad teachers.

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However, no matter how bad these teachers might be if they are given a chance they can improve. On this issue of good and bad teachers, the book offers a wide perspective from different people in the education sector. From the phrase, “education is the ground zero for solving society’s problems.’’ Teaching is, a privilege and teachers should therefore be proud of their work.

Do we have good and bad schools?

In the book waiting for superman the perception of some schools to be better than others are evident. The parent will search for better schools for their children. According to Bono and Giaever (1991), what is really a good school is a crucial question that requires an answer. In the book, it was clear in their optimism as the families of five likable children underwent a lottery to enable their children to attend various charter schools.


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