Wal-Mart Stores’ Sustainability and Global Value

Does Walmart Stores organization do business with sustainability and the global village in mind?

Working in the realm of global economy is a rather difficult task, as it requires not only meeting the existing technology and quality standards, but also complying with a set of principles for sustaining environmental safety. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is one of the few organizations, which have not only adopted the specified approach and incorporated it into their framework, but also taken the principle of sustainable economy and the global value to an entirely new level by developing its own approach towards resources leverage and allocation.

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The approach that the company adopts in order to reach sustainability in its use of natural resources, as well as minimizing negative effects on the latter, such as air and water pollution, is truly admirable.

To be more specific, the organization has chosen to use only renewable energy, adopted the strategy for minimizing waste and is determined to sell the products that can only be deemed as sustainable for people and the environment (Our three sustainability goals, 2015). Moreover, the company has developed its own means of measuring sustainability; known as the Sustainability Index, the tool in question promotes the concept of global village to every member of the organization (Our three sustainability goals, 2015).

By integrating the principle of sustainability and global value into its approach towards facilitating environmental safety, the Wal-Mart organization contributes to raising awareness on the issue of resources use and promotes a reasonable use of the latter.

Wal-Mart sets the example that the customers consider reasonable and adequate, and which other organizations try to uphold to. Therefore, the Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. creates the premises for improving not only its own management of resources, but also the use of natural resources on a global level.

How does Walmart Stores, Inc. meet global standards?

Meeting global standards for sustainable use of resources and reduction of pollution rates is not an easy task. In order to comply with the current principles of sustainable use of resources, the Wal-Mart organization has designed a series of guidelines for its suppliers. According to the guidelines in question, the suppliers must make sure that the process of waste disposal is carried out in a proper manner.

Particularly, the company makes sure that the containers for waste disposal should prevent any instances of waste leakage and be used for a safe transfer of waste to the corresponding landfills: “All containers must be maintained in good condition and have legible and informative labels” (Standards for suppliers manual, 2014, p. 26). Moreover, the above-mentioned statement shows that the company distinguishes between several types of waste, thus, making the process of waste disposal safer for environment.

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The organization also manages to follow the ISO principles known as “ISO/IEC 27015:2005 and the ASCLD/LAB 2011 Supplemental Standards” (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. leads with e-discovery, 2014). The system manuals designed for managing waste disposal and use of resources allow for complying with the standards in question rather easily. The assessment, therefore, is carried out with the help of the ISO principles (GRI G4 guidelines and ISO 26000:2010, 2014).

It can be assumed that the company manages to meet the global standards due to the fact that it has set its own bar for sustainable development high enough. The design of new programs that are supposed to drive the resources misuse to zero and the focus on green development is what makes the organization so efficient in its sustainable development. By taking the needs of every stakeholder into account Wal-Mart promotes green economy principles to its every employee.

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