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Walmart Company’s Employment Practices

Employment practice

The topic for the research is Wal-Mart’s employment practice, so the major focus of the paper will be made on it. To provide a good analysis of the topic it is important to limit it to a specific area. It is suggested that the employment practices in Wal-Mart should be considered in terms of three principles Global Business Standards Codex. When it deals with Wal-Mart’s employment practices the following principles are violated: the Transparency Principle, the Dignity Principle, The Citizenship Principle. Admittedly, the company treats employees very bad trying to pay as little as possible, there is no transparency at all, and more so, Wal-Mart had also conflicted with authorities.

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Assessment Question

Wal-Mart’s employment practices in terms of the Transparency Principle, the Dignity Principle, The Citizenship Principle.

Human resource management in companies

Cowan, D., 1999. Best Practice – Why Can’t Big Companies Grow? Market Leader, 7, pp.112-122.

The article dwells upon the issues concerning human resource management in growing companies. The author states in growing companies employees have to face many constraints. The article is valuable for the present research since it illustrates the malpractices which employees witness in such big companies as Wal-Mart.

Bitektine, A., 2011. Toward a Theory of Social Judgments of Organizations: The Case of Legitimacy, Reputation, and Status. The Academy of Management Review, 36(1), pp.151-179.

The article deals with the development of reputation. Admittedly, reputation is essential for companies like Wal-Mart. The article enables us to understand what factors influence the development of reputation. Wal-Mart’s reputation cannot be regarded as positive since many scandals concerning business practices and employment policy took place.

Ployhart, R.E., Moliterno, T.P., 2011. The emergence of the Human Capital Resource: A Multilevel Model. The Academy of Management Review, 36(1), pp.127-150.

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The article provides information concerning effective methods of human resource management. The human capital resource is regarded as essential for the successful operating of a company, though Wal-Mart has another point of view. The article provides good evidence that it is possible to introduce effective methods of human resource management even without financing.

Collins, A., 2001. Leading Through Tough Times. The Market Leader, 14, pp. 56-72.

The article is concerned with leadership in times of financial difficulties. The author states that correct leadership is essential in such an environment. The author states that proper communication, trust should be included in leadership. These practices are not exploited by Wal-Mart, though such a strategy does not require much financing.

Bryan, N., Aumayer, S., Ashby, Q., 2001. The Workers Evolution. Esomar, Marketing Transformation Congress, Rome, September, pp.219-269.

The article deals with changing structures of the workplace in Europe. The article is valuable for the present research since it provides data concerning the changing social environment which influences greatly the workforce. Wal-Mart is regarded as one of the companies which influence such changes, but Wal-Mart is not improving the employee’s working environment.

Lannon, J., 2000. Barbara Cassani: Having Her Cake and Eating It. Market Leader, 10, pp. 26-43.

The article provides information about the company which focuses on consumers’ need for cheaper services. It will be an example of a company which is trying to decrease prices for customers. However, it is important to note that the company’s employees will not become the tool for achieving the result.

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Somers, C., 1999. Principles Unite People. Admap, July, pp. 11-15.

The article deals with the impact of globalization on the workforce. The article touches upon the issues which appear in huge international companies like Wal-Mart. The author points out that the company should have a proper culture to create the necessary atmosphere in the workplace.

Ahlstrom, D. 2010. Innovation and Growth: How Business Contributes to Society. The Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(3), pp. 11-24.

The present article dwells upon the impact of companies on the development of societies. The author reveals the latest trends in the social involvement of companies, stating that companies should cause the development of societies by introducing various innovations. Wal-Mart also affects societies, but negatively.

Delios, A. 2010. How Can Organizations Be Competitive but Dare to Care? The Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(3), pp. 25-36.

The present article deals with the social responsibility of companies. The author points out that practices of social responsibility can jeopardize the company’s competitiveness, revealing threats that Wal-Mart has put in the first place. Nevertheless, the article provides certain solutions that could enable companies to be socially responsible and competitive in the globalized world.

Pfeffer, J. 2010. Building Sustainable Organizations: The Human Factor. The Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(1), pp. 34-45.

The article provides an overview of the latest social sustainability. The author points out that companies as well as scholars were more concerned with financial issues and the company’s effectiveness. The article is a valuable source for the present research since it illustrates the situation when the company is concerned with obtaining profits.

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Wages and Prices Policy

The main argument of the article under discussion is that Wal-Mart is a “megacorporation” which influences wages and price policies not only locally, but on a global scale (Fishman, 2006, p.6). The major aim of the research implemented is to understand the impact of such companies as Wal-Mart on the global economy. At the end of the article the author, however, stresses that such companies as Wal-Mart do not cause global changes.

Instead, these companies should be regarded as a reflection of modern societies. Thus, the author concludes that it is important to have a closer look at issues concerning Wal-Mart and this will help understand and, perhaps, solve problems existing in modern societies.

This is a valuable source that will assist immensely in evaluating employment practices in Wal-Mart. The article provides the necessary historical data to have a complete picture of the companies development. The article underlines the significance of Wal-Mart’s slogan “Always low prices. Always” (Fishman 11). This slogan is crucial for understanding the policy used by Wal-Mart. The major concern of the company is to decrease prices for consumers, and this is often achieved at the expense of employees.

Reference List

Fishman, C., 2006. The Wal-Mart Effect and a Decent Society: Who Knew Shopping Was So Important? Academy of Management Perspectives, 20(3), pp.6-25.

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