Walt Disney Application Form

There are times in life when the normal approach of day-to-day workings change in order to make amendments to procedure that would be fruitful in future. Similarly, there are occasions when one tries too hard to accomplish elements that are otherwise regular under different circumstances. Such an occurrence took place when I had work within a group to complete a coursework that was to collaborate and do marketing strategies for a firm that we were assigned to look into. However, there was a person who became extremely hard to pursue there was no way to get along with this person, and as a result, the group did not want to work with me but I tried to work with them because the assignment was extremely important for my future.

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The most effective and creative approaches and problem-solving strategies best used with a given problem are based on complete understanding of the problem and its related scenario. It is the full knowledge on a certain problem that makes it possible for managers and employee to device methods that is creative and effective at the same time. Thus, it was evident to use this strategy of conflict management to resolve my issue with the person.

It should be mentioned that the chief reason behind conflict and problems is mistrust. This mistrust arises from the parameters of low knowledge about the other. If it was possible to understand the position or problem of the other then it is certain the aspect of differences would be completely abolished. This is a favorable undertaking to play down the possible tension. It is almost like a plan to implement conflict management techniques where conflict tends to disappear as soon as an individual understands the position of the other and starts respecting the position. Making the parties knowledgeable about each other’s backgrounds would be the most effective method of making effective points. Once these factors are evaluated then these values would be applied accordingly to the desired outcomes.

I made the person understand my position by the means of skillful and effective communication method as rendered the feeling that team learning is the fundamental aspect of modern organization. The concept of creative conflict within teamwork helps in approaching conflict management. This becomes operational once the members of a team are made to understand that the other party also possesses a standpoint and it is helpful to listen to the other party and understand the thought process. Once this is clarified, the main aspects of conflict seize to exist and creative conflict arises out of general conflict. It is a very important part of the management and this creates a fraternity that enables the organization to work efficiently with speed. It involves development of a corporate knowledge bank with proper knowledge management techniques that helps employees to develop skills of working in a team. Once teamwork ethics are well taught it becomes easy for a group to achieve its goals. After much deliberation the person understood the fundamentals that the only important issue in this context was the success of the group and teamwork was necessary. Thus, I was included in the group and thus I succeeded in pursuing the person to see my reasons and worked together as a team.

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