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What Makes Us Tick?

What makes us tick? In the 21st century, research in science is evolving. For the people whose careers are in the field of science the education will change as time goes by. Studies progressively depend on effective partnership among professionals with conflicting disciplinary viewpoint. Professionals should appreciate the value of working according to disciplinary boundaries. In human culture, we should think of the role nature plays in science. For professional scientists, change in education could be expanded to help better students’ future career choices. Some beliefs should be summarized, so that we can move in the same direction. It is usually funny how most people regard science as a very different way of approaching life; and approach it from a different perspective. In the society that we are in, scientists are seen as the smartest people ever (Grobstein 1). This paper will look at science and humanity in the 21st century; how science has changed from the previous years and is it for better or worse. Did science bring great change in the life of the human beings that are living it today?

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The 21st century is an era that brought more historic change than the previous eras. This particular era brought along good and bad change. It is change that brought along settlement to people or change that threatened the life of people. Many important changes happened to human beings, but the most important change was the progress in science. The point of science in the 21st century is to both explore the future and improve the quality of the life in the North and South. Those two things will lead to exchange or flow of information and to promote harmony, serenity and justice (Bouvier 1).

What role had humanity played in the 21st century? How is humanity defined in the 21st century? Technology being one of the greatest aspects in the application of science has made life of human beings so easy to live. Technology has made improved physical condition, more prosperity, less manual labor, superior access to information. If the 21st century humanity is defined as it goes on to result in the great advantages, which we will get a wider and deeper understanding in all fields of education; a more reasonable division of material advantages, enhanced defense of the ecosystem (Rotbalt 1).

Science has played a major role in humanity during the 21st century. Personally, I think that science has brought a lot of comfort ability in today’s life. Nowadays you do not need to worry about sending a message abroad, the technology that is there can send your message in no time and one can get a feedback immediately. The 21st century is one era that human beings do not need to strain doing things. Should life be that comfortable? Do we need a little bit of challenge so that we can learn from our mistakes? Well, the 21st century is comfortable to the extreme of doing your office work in the house. Life is simple, which is bringing more money and less labor. Is all this creating jobs for people? Nowadays people are hardly employed, it is not like the previous eras where things where hard and you had to employ a second hand. You can do things on your own, you do not need to worry about getting tired; technology has made everything easy. For example, we do not really need to send letters via post office, we have fax machines; a fax machine is a telecommunications equipment used to send copies of papers to another place or office. In the 21st century, we see clearly how science has played a major role in the human beings. What about the century to come?

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