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“Where Is Everybody?” Episode of The Twilight Zone

In the chosen episode, the narrator begins by introducing the show to the viewers. From the first moments, it becomes impossible not to listen to the man’s voice as he talks in an exceptionally pleasant manner. He also speaks directly to the viewer, asks questions, and answers them himself, and it feels as if it is one’s friend talking about an exciting TV series that he is watching (Carlos, 2011). The narrator’s benevolent voice and flowing movements are very endearing, so when he claims that the show will be successful, the audience unwittingly agrees. The fact that the narrator behaves quite confidently and, at the same time, briefly and in detail talks about the features of the show also makes a good impression on the audience.

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It immediately becomes clear that the narrator knows what to say and how because the plots of the episodes that he retells interest and awaken the desire to get acquainted with them as soon as possible. This is precisely the goal that the narrator wants to achieve, and he needs such a reaction from the audience (Carlos, 2011). The moments of traffic accidents inserted into his story look very impressive and give an idea of ​​how well the episodes were filmed (Carlos, 2011). Moreover, the narrator interrupts the retelling of the plots of the episodes at the most interesting place and invites the audience to think or watch for themselves. Impressive and unexpected special effects that appear during the opening of the safe also help achieve the audience’s violent and enthusiastic reaction.

As for the series episode itself, in this video, only a small part of it is presented. However, these several minutes are enough for viewers to get a first impression of the main (and the only) character (Carlos, 2011). It is impossible not to feel tension together with the man, and his increasingly nervous behavior contributes to the audience’s interest. The character seems to be positive, and he makes the viewers respond with compassion and impatience to know what happens next. The character’s confident behavior at a café does not annoy the audience because it is relatively unobtrusive and, to some extent, polite (Carlos, 2011). The fact that the man does not steal food, but calls and waits for the cafe owner to pay him, results in an even better attitude towards him.

Eventually, when no one ever shows up, and the character tells himself to wake up because he thinks it is a dream, the audience becomes even more worried. In this part, it is impossible to choose someone’s side or point of view because there is only one character in an unchanging setting. Further development of the plot is also not presented here (Carlos, 2011). If it was, it could either negatively or positively affect the audience’s perception of the character. In case only the beginning of the episode is taken into account, there are no reasons for the viewers not to wish the character to find out what is happening to him and the world around him (Carlos, 2011). The narrative situation itself seems quite extraordinary and fascinating (Carlos, 2011). Since it is rather unlikely that anything like this has ever happened to a viewer, they become increasingly involved in the plot, which is the show’s purpose.


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